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Get key data insights using these reporting features in Kahootz

As I’m sure that you’re aware, Kahootz can be used to capture data and feedback using surveys, databases and much more. 

With so much interesting and varied data available to collect within your site, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way for you to analyse and visualise it?

Fortunately, Kahootz has a number of reporting features that allow you to do this.

In this blog post you will learn

  • The key features of our reporting tool
  • Examples of how you can use it
  • How to create a report

Key features – At a glance

Our reporting tool contains many key features to help you get the most out of your data:

  • Visualisation – Help people to easily grasp key trends by using graphs and charts.
  • Customisation – Design your report template to suit your requirements.
  • Ordering – Sort your data into the order in which you want it to appear in.
  • Filtering – Filter out the results which you don’t want to see in your report.

What types of data can I report on?

In Kahootz, whether you’re a workspace manager or site admin, there is a wide range of information that you can scrutinise. 

Below are just a few examples of the reports you can create using different reporting attributes:

Comments on a document:View document feedback all in one place, rather than across several emails.

Users: Find out who is regularly logging into and is actively using your Kahootz site and more importantly, who isn’t.

Survey responses: Get an overview of how many people have responded to your survey and of course, their feedback.

Databases: If you use rating columns for ideation, a report allows you to see who has submitted each idea and what overall rating they have.

Workspaces: Compare activity across more than one workspace. Are users engaging with the content in one more than another?

Workspace items: Discover whether individual workspace items have been assigned tasks and if so, who too.

Activity: See which individuals have been actively creating and modifying content within your workspace.

How do I create a report?

Now that you know what information you want to analyse, it’s time to start creating your report.

In Kahootz, this is can be done simply by using our Report Wizard.

reporting features

  • Name and description– Give your report a name and explain what it is referring too.
  • Type – Choose to display your data in a basic tabular format or use a chart – such as bar, pie, radar line or scatter.
  • Scope – Workspace managers can analyse their own workspaces, while site admins can look at data within their current site or the whole system.
  • Format – Save your data into your chosen file format, or simply view in your browser

After clicking ‘Next’ all that’s left for you to do is to choose the attributes that you would like to use and then generate your report.

Do you want to try and create your own reports?

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