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Use team blogging in Kahootz to connect with stakeholders

Team blogging has long been used by organisations worldwide to connect with customers, stakeholders and internal employees.

In this blog post you will learn:

  • The key features of our blog functionality
  • Ideas on how you can use a blog within your Kahootz site

What are the key features of a Kahootz blog?

Once you have a topic in mind for your blog, you can simply set it up in Kahootz and start posting content.

But this is just the beginning. You also need to create a blog that looks attractive and has engaging content that can be found easily.

Fortunately, Kahootz can help you to do this by offering:


If you want your blog to be successful, it needs to be designed so it’s easy to navigate and its purpose is clear.

Like other functionality in Kahootz, your blog can also be customised. There are various options to help you to control the layout and information you want to display.

Using the powerful rich text editor, it’s possible to format text, upload images and much more to make your blog look as appealing as possible to readers.

Categorised content

As the number of posts on your blog increases, it could become difficult for stakeholders to find the content that’s most relevant to them.

To make this easy, in Kahootz, you can assign blog posts to different categories that you define, which are then displayed for easy access and navigation.


The sign of a successful blog is when you see people exchanging views and ideas based on the content they have just read. This can be achieved through a facility that allows commenting on each article.

However, Kahootz goes much further than just standard text comments. You can also bring other users into the conversation using the social ‘@mention’ feature and reference relevant content in your workspace to add context to the point you’re trying to make.


If you only want certain people to write articles, you need to ensure they have the correct permissions.

This is simple to do in Kahootz. You could create a team called ‘Bloggers,’ add users to it and give them the appropriate permissions to allow them to create and modify content. 


There is little point creating great content, if no-one knows it’s there.

Here are some ways in which you can promote your Kahootz blog:

  • Notifications – Users are sent an email update depending on their own personal notification preferences, but you can also share posts with specific people to ensure that they are notified.
  • Subscription – Readers can subscribe to blog updates by clicking on the Subscribe icon.
  • Workspace dashboard – Add a ‘Recent Activity’ item to your workspace dashboard to give your blog maximum visibility.
  • Calendar – Create an event in your workspace calendar to remind people of an upcoming blog post.

More than just a blogging platform….

At present, you might email newsletters to your organisation or team as a way of providing important information and updates.

Sites such as NHS Digital’s Delen use Kahootz’s blogging function to create a mobile-friendly newsletter for their stakeholders.

Want to experiment with blogging in your own workspace?

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