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Online Workspaces

Online Workspaces

Kahootz online workspace

Quick to create and easy to customise, a Kahootz workspace allows your staff, partners, and clients to connect and collaborate securely in the cloud from any location, any device, anytime.

What is an online workspace?

A Kahootz workspace is an online area where you can enable collaborative working and securely share information.

You decide which of the many Kahootz features you use including file sharing, task lists, shared calendars, discussion forums, online surveys and much more.

Download our guide to choosing a cost-effective online workspace software that meets your organisation’s needs.

Create new workspaces in seconds

In a matter of clicks, you can set up your online workspace and invite the internal and external stakeholders that you need for your project.

There’s no limit to the number of workspaces you can create, so you can easily separate and organise people into relevant groups if required.

Kahootz workspace drop down

Fully customisable to suit your purpose

Kahootz’s workspaces can be tailored to your particular business requirement. Here are just some examples of what you can use them for:

Whether you choose one of our templates or start from scratch, with zero training, you’ll be able to create an online collaborative workspace that’s both easy to use and navigate.

Workspace home screenshot

Closely controlled access and member permissions

You always keep full control over your workspaces, with the choice to assign access rights on each item of content.

Users can also be separated into teams to ensure they are only seeing the content they need to see.

Manage member screenshot

Empower your users

Empower your users to take control of managing their own workspaces and explore new ways of working with staff members, partners, clients, suppliers and key stakeholders. 

Collaboration diagram

Online Workspaces FAQ

When it comes to running a business, there are many factors that can impact success. In order to be productive and successful, you need to have effective tools and resources at your disposal. One of the most valuable tools for modern businesses is access to an online workplace and workspaces adapted to collaboration, such as those provided by Kahootz.

An online workspace allows you to easily collaborate with co-workers, clients, and other team members in a secure environment that is accessible from anywhere.

The benefits of an online workspace go beyond just collaboration. With secure file storage, messaging capabilities, and other features like task management, discussion forums and online surveys, an online space can provide a virtual hub for all of your business needs.

Whether you need to work together on a project or simply keep track of documentation and upcoming meetings, online workspaces are the perfect tool to boost productivity and support your growing business.

If you’re looking for ways to maximise your efficiency and take your business to the next level, an effective online workspace may be the choice for you.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is essential that companies find ways to boost efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. Online collaboration tools are a great way to ensure this: secure virtual environments such as online workspaces are the ideal way to allow businesses to collaborate with one another in real-time, share files and information, and keep track of deadlines and key deliverables without having to deal with the hassle and distractions of traditional office settings.

Online workspaces offer a number of key advantages over their traditional counterparts, including the ability to work across different time zones and locations with minimal hassle.

Unlike physical offices, online workspaces can be accessed remotely using just a laptop or smartphone. This means that employees can easily connect no matter where they are, increasing productivity while minimising downtime.

Furthermore, online workspaces enable businesses to organise information in a much more streamlined way than they would be able to in a traditional setting. Documents can easily be tagged according to topic or project, allowing everyone involved in the process to quickly find what they need when working on a particular task. Overall, these features make online workspaces an essential tool for any business looking to maximise efficiency and streamline operations.

With a shared online workspace, your team can easily access files from a central location, and projects can be organised without the need to meet your co-workers in person. This makes it easier and more convenient to get work done. Similarly, key features of online workspaces, such as instant communication can all help boost seamless collaboration within your team.

Streamlining your employees’ online experience is also essential to boosting efficiency; avoiding distractions such as switching between apps can be incredibly beneficial to their output.

Since these platforms allow employees to contribute from anywhere, managers and team leaders can check up on them even when at a conference halfway around the world, which is very useful for teams who are working together remotely.

After successive COVID-19 lockdowns, resilience was on the minds of many; it very quickly became clear that it is difficult for a business to function if all its team members are dependent on in-person communication. Even after the successive lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, absences are still unavoidable, but adopting a more flexible, hybrid working arrangement could help decrease them.

Holding meetings where some of the attendees are remote or even fully virtual meetings ensures that your employees have the option to tune in from wherever they are. Similarly, online collaboration tools facilitate remote working.

Having these tools in place and in constant use means that no matter what happens, whether an employee is unable to come to the office for personal, logistic or other reasons, your business activities can continue and your company will not be significantly affected by their absence.

Using a single online workspace such as Kahootz provides you with security features and access settings that help keep everything secure.

All departments, projects, teams, and divisions, as well as external stakeholders , can have their own collaborative online workspace. Keeping a clear distinction between departments and teams and making it easy to switch between them to check on progress can save you and your team considerable time.

Working online can help reduce your business expenses in many ways, from travel and office rental costs to electricity bills. It can also be more eco-friendly and help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Online workspaces are an effective way for businesses to reduce costs while still maintaining secure storage and team communication capabilities.

These digital spaces allow businesses to cut down on the costs associated with renting physical office space or using expensive hardware or software. By moving their operations online, businesses can access secure platforms that are accessible around the clock and require no upkeep or maintenance.

Online workspaces also enable quick, secure collaboration between employees and clients, reducing the need for costly travel or meeting expenses.

By taking advantage of secure digital platforms, businesses can keep their operations running smoothly while minimising costs and maximising efficiency.

Online workspaces are becoming increasingly popular within the business world, as they provide a secure and convenient way for employees to collaborate on projects.

With tools like secure file sharing and online discussion forums, these online platforms make it easy for teams to communicate and stay up-to-date with each other’s progress.

Additionally, many online workspaces offer powerful productivity and task management boosters, such as the ability to assign tasks or to set task reminders. These features help managers keep track of their team’s workflow in real time.

The customisability offered by these tools allows your team to tailor their dashboards and add-ons to best suit their needs, which helps them create a workspace in which they can thrive and can drive productivity.

Having one unified place for all your files and communication is also essential; when everything a team needs is stored in one place, it’s easy for them to find what they need to complete a task or continue their development.

Overall, online workspaces have become essential tools for increasing productivity within modern businesses. They provide secure and convenient ways for employees to collaborate and get work done, while also offering a range of productivity bonuses that help managers monitor their team’s performance.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your company’s overall workflow or just need a secure space to share files with co-workers, online workspaces are undoubtedly the right choice for any business looking to improve productivity, as well as encourage creativity and new ideas.

Even if most of your team members are tech-savvy, having multiple collaboration tools or using those which are complex to use can make working online much harder and more time-consuming than necessary.

Using online workspaces such as those offered by a Kahootz collaboration site makes online work quicker and easier, avoiding any headaches related to trying to figure out the system on their own.

nline workspaces can help your company increase the transparency and clarity of your business activities by facilitating access to shared files and communications.

In a collaborative workspace, everyone is aware of the objectives for a specific project or task, so everyone knows what is expected and when it is due. This way, the project or task can be completed on time.

Within a collaborative workspace, assets can be easily shared not just among staff on a daily basis, but also among external collaborators. This makes it easier not only to keep on top of work and feedback but also to keep your team members up to speed. There is no room to hide behind excuses of paper copies; instead, there are records of each edit made, so you can easily recall document histories and past conversations.

It also allows everyone on your team to join in on editing and discussions, as well as work on the same documents simultaneously. This way, everyone always has access to the most updated file – no more sifting through emails or app switching necessary.

Similarly, having an easy-to-navigate document management system and the ability for everyone to access files means that it is easy to keep on top of work and feedback. There is no room to hide behind excuses of paper copies; instead, there are records of each edit made, so you can easily identify any human error and resolve it quickly.

Overall, these online workspaces have the potential to boost efficiency throughout an organisation and help employees feel more connected to one another and their work. As

such, they are extremely valuable tools for businesses seeking greater transparency and stronger communication.

These secure platforms allow employees to access company resources and contribute ideas easily, enabling them to contribute more fully to the organisation’s success. Additionally, by providing real-time access to information, these technologies can help managers make better data-driven decisions, giving them a clearer picture of what is working and what needs improvement within the company

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