Online Workspaces

Online Workspaces

Kahootz online workspace

Quick to create and easy to customise, a Kahootz workspace allows team members to connect and collaborate securely in the cloud from any location, any device, anytime.

What is an online workspace?

A Kahootz workspace is an online area where you can enable collaborative working and securely share information. You decide which of the many Kahootz features you use including file sharing, task lists, shared calendars, discussion forums, online surveys and much more.

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Create new workspaces in seconds

You can get your workspace deployed in just a couple of clicks. Within moments you’ll have the right people working together and moving forward. There’s no limit to the number of workspaces you can create either so you can ensure every project or team gets the space they need.

Kahootz workspace drop down

Tailor them to suit your needs, make them work for you.

Kahootz workspaces are easy to customise and shape for different business uses, providing useful context for those you need to be in Kahootz with. With zero training, you’ll find each online workspace quick to purpose so that your fellow collaborators will find them easy to use.

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Controlled access and member permissions

You always keep full control over your workspaces, with the choice to assign access rights on each item of content. Users can be invited to join any number of workspaces and you can promote specific people to become workspace managers who can delegate responsibility as needed.

Manage member screenshot

New ways of working

Empower your users to take control of managing their own workspaces and explore new ways of working with staff members, partners, clients, suppliers and key stakeholders. With quick to deploy cloud applications the world works differently now and Kahootz will help you do the same.

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