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Cloud document management software for accessing and working on documents anywhere, anytime.

Kahootz document management solution provides a secure, centralised location where your team and users from other organisations can share, discuss, and collaborate on digital documents.

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Say goodbye to email with version control.

It’s hard to keep track of which document is the latest version when there are so many emails and file-sharing requests flying around.  

In Kahootz, document version history is clearly marked and organised. This means you can share and upload documents with internal and external parties without sending uncontrolled email attachments. 

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Simultaneously author large documents

Sometimes, simple file-level locking can restrict teams working on a sensitive document. 

If you need a parallel editing and review process, Kahootz’s cloud-based solution allows selected team members and external partners to work on different parts of a document quickly and simultaneously online. 

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Keep control of your corporate assets

It’s critical your document management software has stringent security features in place to protect your corporate and client data. 

 Our servers and web application are thoroughly tested for resilience and security and trusted by government departments and enterprises. Kahootz’s effective document management system provides full audit trails and granular access controls , enabling you to keep track of document views, revisions and downloads. 

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Edit documents directly within Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365

Kahootz cloud document management provides direct access to both the desktop and web versions of Microsoft’s popular Office products. 

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents stored in Kahootz workspaces can be viewed, edited and even co-authored by team members using the integrated Microsoft applications. 

Kahootz document workflow automatically saves and version-controls all documents and keeps everything centrally organised. 

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Create workflows for document review and approvals

It can be difficult to get people to comment or sign off critical documents in multiple locations within a timely manner. 

Whether you need feedback or document sign-off, Kahootz cloud storage makes it simple to assign these tasks to the individuals that matter. 

Email notifications, auto-reminders, and personalised task lists help keep business processes on track and speed up document production. 

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What our clients say

“There is less of a burden on us now – moving and monitoring content has been made much easier. Put simply, Kahootz makes it easy for our users to do their job.”

Iva Simunkova
Programme Manager – Local Partnerships
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