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Proposal Software that brings everyone together

Designed for secure collaborative procurement, Kahootz proposal management software streamlines the proposal management process, ensuring that real-time collaboration is seamless and effective.

What should proposal management software include?

Good proposal management software should include tools for real-time collaboration, a centralised bid library, and customisable features that can be tailored to your business needs. These tools help streamline communication, improve collaboration, and improve outcomes for your organisation and clients. 

With easy setup and integration, Kahootz proposal management software can simplify your collaborative bid management process and help you close deals faster.

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Meet your business and client needs 

Use proposal management software tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and clients. With Kahootz, you can create a proposal management system that is unique to your organisation, incorporating your branding, messaging, and content. 

Co-author proposal documents in real-time

Comments can be lost in long email threads, and it can be difficult to determine which document version is the most up-to-date. 

Comments can be broken down section by document section and all changes are tracked so you have a complete overview of what’s going on.

document collaboration
online registers and lists

Create a centralised bid library

When preparing tender responses, you don’t want people wasting time looking for information that’s locked in Excel documents. 

Using one of Kahootz’s many customisable proposal management tools like databases, you can provide a single, centralised bid library. 

By doing this, you can provide a single, centralised bid library that allows key stakeholders to find the information they need, no matter where they are located. This also helps retain corporate knowledge for future tenders and enables engagement tracking in one centralised place. 

An altogether safer cloud collaboration service

Leave a lasting impression 

Working with external software often requires changes to your current proposal processes and working methods. 

By incorporating Kahootz’s proposal tool, you don’t have to adapt to the software. The software adapts to your needs, enabling you to deliver personalised proposals that stand out from the competition and create a lasting impression for your company and stakeholder

stakeholder consultation

Keep everyone on track

It isn’t easy to keep users on track with deadlines when they’re spread across multiple organisations. 

Let Kahootz’s proposal management software do the hard work for you. Once you have assigned tasks, the platform will send out automatic “due soon” and “overdue” emails to ensure key actions aren’t missed. 

Tasks can also be added to shared calendars to increase the visibility of critical milestones, deadlines and events. 

Better visibility and insights for both you and the stakeholders 

One of the challenges of managing bid proposals is keeping track of all the components and ensuring that everyone involved is up-to-date on the latest information. Kahootz’s proposal management software helps alleviate this problem by providing real-time notifications and keeping everyone in the loop. 

With Kahootz, you can assign tasks and set deadlines, and the platform will send automatic “due soon” and “overdue” emails to ensure that key actions aren’t missed. You can also add tasks to shared calendars to increase the prominence of milestones, deadlines, and events. 

By providing better visibility and insights, Kahootz’s proposal software helps you and your stakeholders stay on track with the bid proposal process, leading to more successful outcomes and faster deal closures. 


While Kahootz excels at managing bid proposals, it also offers a wide range of collaboration tools that can be tailored to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Kahootz is designed to help teams work together more effectively and efficiently, from document management and file sharing to task management. 

With Kahootz, you can improve internal and external communication and collaboration, leading to better outcomes for your organisation and clients. 

Don’t just take our word for it – try Kahootz for yourself and see how we transform your bid management process and improve collaboration across your organisation.

Proposal software is often complex to set up, and users struggle to get up to speed. Not great when you need to submit a response within a tight deadline. 

Kahootz is different. With little training or consultancy required, users can set up and customise their online communities and work groups in minutes. With features like easy integration and the ability to close deals faster, Kahootz is the ideal proposal management software for businesses that want to streamline their bid management process. 


What Our Customers Say

"Our supply chain is extensive and Kahootz is helping us provide our engineering teams and suppliers with as much flexibility as possible when engaging with them.."

“We selected Kahootz Enterprise because it met our needs for an affordable, easy-to-use, agile collaboration platform, that could be adapted by our personnel and partners to meet different use cases..”

“The proof that Kahootz truly works has been our ability to empower so many members and staff across so many regions to setup and run their own powerful online communities.”

“Kahootz has also helped speed up decision making. The fact that we can just create a workspace quickly, add some users and know that it’s safe and secure has helped us immensely.”

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