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Secure Document Sharing

Secure document sharing made easy

Share documents securely both inside and outside your organisation

Kahootz overcomes the limitations of email attachments by making it quick and easy for your staff, partners and suppliers to share documents with each other – wherever they are.

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Share large files securely beyond your firewall

Supporting uploads of up to 20GB, you can browse for, or simply drag-and-drop, the documents and Zip files you wish to share.

Once uploaded, Kahootz will scan your files for viruses before they’re downloaded, so you know they’re safe to share.

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Stream and share multi-media

Kahootz’s secure cloud file sharing does more than just distribute images and documents.

Need to share a company presentation or a recording of a team meeting? You can access and stream video (MP4) and sound (MP3) files direct from your browser, without downloading the whole file.

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Notify and seek feedback from team members

Whether you’re uploading new documents or adding an updated version, it’s easy to keep specific teams and individuals informed via email notifications and subscription alerts.

Comments and discussions are kept together with each document, giving you a complete record of all contributions.

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Keep control of your documents, using secure cloud file storage

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When working together on a document, it’s important that only the right people have access and they’re editing the most up-to-date version.

Kahootz helps you to audit and safeguard access to your most sensitive information by allowing automatic version control, file-locking and team-based edit and view rights.

Secure Document Sharing FAQ

Secure document sharing is essential to facilitate collaboration, data protection, flexibility and much more within your team.

It allows you to share important information and files quickly and easily, without worrying about the safety of that data. This can be especially important when working with sensitive information related to your company or its customers. By using Kahootz’s secure document sharing function, you can ensure that your documents remain safe from prying eyes.

In addition, secure document sharing gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, letting you stay connected to your team no matter where you happen to be.

Improve Sustainability

Decreasing paper consumption is one of the easiest ways businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and promote overall sustainability.

Kahootz’s document-sharing technologies can help your business make the transition to a paper-free way of working. By providing a safe channel for team members to share, review and make changes to documents, you can reduce the need for wasteful printing and shipping of hard copies of important documents.

Secure document sharing is also beneficial for facilitating remote working. With digital documents, everything can be accessed from a computer or mobile device, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity. Remote work can be a great way to reduce your business’ overall energy consumption. Working from home uses less energy than running an office, and since your employees will no longer need to commute every day, you can even cut down on your indirect CO2 emissions.

Large file sharing

For businesses today, the ability to share large files easily and conveniently is essential. Workers need to be able to collaborate on projects from any location, which often involves sharing large documents, presentations, images, or other files.

With traditional methods of file sharing and collaboration, such as email attachments and FTP servers, this can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, with tools like cloud-based file sharing platforms and messaging apps with large file-sharing capabilities, employees can quickly upload files and share them with ease, no matter their size.

These tools help to boost productivity by making it easier for workers to collaborate remotely on projects. Furthermore, they help to improve communications within teams by allowing people in different departments to access shared resources in real time.

Being able to share large files conveniently makes it much easier for businesses to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital world. 

Improve efficiency

By using secure document sharing tools, businesses are able to eliminate the need for physical document delivery. With applications like email or postal mail, documents can be lost or intercepted by unauthorised parties or, alternatively, subject to delivery delays.

Not only does this open up the risk of compromising sensitive information, but it also wastes valuable time and resources that could be better spent on more important tasks. 

By contrast, secure document sharing platforms allow companies to securely deliver files directly to the intended recipients via easy-to-use mobile or desktop apps.

Encourage collaboration within your team

In addition to improving efficiency in delivery processes, secure document sharing also has the potential to improve team collaboration within organisations.

As many professionals now work remotely or use flexible schedules, it can become difficult for colleagues to communicate effectively unless they have access to the right tools. File-sharing platforms allow teams across offices and countries to keep track of ongoing projects through instant messages and shared folders that sync in real time on multiple devices.

By using these tools effectively, businesses can build a cohesive team environment that encourages innovation and creativity within their organisation.

Encourage collaboration with other businesses

When it comes to collaborating with other businesses, secure file sharing is one of the most effective and practical tools at our disposal.

First and foremost, this type of file sharing allows us to maintain privacy and control over our data. With traditional methods such as email or file transfer websites, the risk of files being intercepted by unauthorised users can discourage collaboration across businesses. In contrast, secure file sharing ensures that only authorised individuals are able to access the files that have been shared, encouraging collaboration. Quick, secure file transfers also help to streamline collaboration efforts by eliminating unnecessary communications.

Furthermore, secure file sharing allows you to collaborate in real time with ease. By using online platforms specifically designed for document collaboration, we can easily share ideas, add input on documents as they are being created, and discuss your next steps more efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for working with different businesses, as teams may be located in across the globe.  

By making use of secure file sharing tools and services, you can boost you and your team’s ability to collaborate effectively with other businesses at all stages of a project.

Feedback from stakeholders and external collaboration 

Just as secure document sharing platforms encourage collaboration within your team, they facilitate sharing feedback between members of your team and external stakeholders.

Without secure file sharing, this can be difficult. File size limits, concerns about data leaks and many more issues can discourage teams from sharing files with external collaborators and stakeholders. However, with Kahootz’s secure file sharing platform, which uses cloud storage to facilitate access and collaboration, you can rest assured that your data will be shared quickly and securely.

Improve flexibility

In today’s fast-paced work environment, flexibility is crucial for success.

Employees need the ability to quickly and easily access documents from a wide range of locations, whether that’s in the office or on the go. One effective way to achieve this level of flexibility is through secure file sharing.

By using cloud-based tools, employees can easily view, edit, and collaborate on files from any location or device. Not only does this empower team members to be more productive wherever they are, but it also helps to foster a sense of trust and openness among colleagues.

As more and more companies embrace flexible working practices, secure document sharing will become an increasingly essential tool for success.

Facilitate communication

At the heart of any successful business is effective communication.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is essential to be able to quickly and easily share important documents with colleagues and even prospective clients. However, sharing sensitive information via email or over the phone can be limiting and can even represent a security hazard. In order to address this, many businesses have turned to secure document sharing solutions to help keep their business communications safe and streamlined.

These platforms allow users to easily send files of any size or type in just a few clicks, and they also offer enhanced security features that prevent unauthorised access and tampering. Additionally, they typically integrate seamlessly with existing business tools, so there is no need to learn complex new systems or change existing workflows. Overall, secure document sharing can be an invaluable tool for communication and collaboration within any business organisation.

A secure link between internal users to share files will allow employees to collaborate on projects in real time and share files of any size or type in just a few clicks across a variety of platforms, while also offering increased security through encryption and password protection. What’s more, because these files remain stored in a centralised location that is easily accessible to all authorised users, it is much easier to keep track of workflow and avoid lost documents or misplaced edits. 

Improve organisation

Secure document sharing is a powerful tool for boosting collaboration and efficiency within businesses of all sizes.

It enables businesses to keep all of their important documents and data easily accessible and up-to-date, no matter where their employees are or what devices they are using.

Perhaps most importantly, having a reliable system for managing all of this information reduces the risk of security breaches or data loss, allowing businesses to focus on growing their operations without worrying about internal disruptions.

 Furthermore, they can help organisations, such as HR or Finance teams, streamline workflows and save time by allowing documents and data to be shared instantly instead of having to wait days for traditional methods like shipping or physical delivery.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine, incorporating secure file sharing into your workflow may be the solution for you.

No matter what type of business you have, Kahootz has the security measures you need to keep your documents and information safe. We’re a trusted source for government agencies and large enterprises which need to store, share and manage confidential information.

Kahootz is used by a variety of organisations, including government bodies such as the UK’s Ministry of Defence and the Department of Health and Social Care. However, our service is not limited to these types of customers and is available to businesses of all sizes and in any sector.

Controlled access to files

Controlled access to files is a key element in keeping data safe and secure.

Implementing controlled access to files means that only certain team members are able to access your information. We use encryption and authentication technologies to ensure that only authorised users can get access to your online workspaces and the files they contain.

Independently certified

At Kahootz, we put security first. To ensure that our security procedures are robust, we are certified to ISO 27001, the international standard for information security.

Our service is constantly checked by security experts against the CHECK standard. This is a highly comprehensive test that can only be conducted by security experts who have been approved by CESG, the UK government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance.

Security from within

Technology is only as safe as the people maintaining it. That’s why all our staff are certified with a BS 7858 standard background check. This background check follows all the latest recommendations set out by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

The BS 7858 comprises the following checks: ID confirmation, five years’ address history, right to work check, SIA Licence check (if applicable), directorship check, sanction check, financial checks, five or ten years of employment history, gap referencing, and Basic Disclosure of criminal records.

GDPR Compliant

Kahootz is 100% GDPR compliant. We have been supplying cloud services to both the UK public sector and private enterprises since 2002. We place great importance on keeping your data secure and providing a well-supported, highly-available service that complies with all applicable legislation.

Security no matter where you are

Kahootz runs on reliable servers in the UK and encrypts all data between our users and our servers using a secure HTTPS/SSL connection. Our technology gives you peace of mind that your data is secure no matter where you are logging in.

Regular data backup

Regular data backup is an essential tool for securely sharing files in any organization.

These services work by automatically saving the latest versions of files and folders in a remote location, where they can be easily retrieved in case of accidental or malicious data loss. This not only protects against potential threats like thunderstorms, power surges, and cyberattacks, but also facilitates convenient file sharing between employees at different locations.

We regularly back up our data to two different servers in near real-time, meaning that your data is as safe as can be.

Network security

When it comes to sharing files with colleagues and clients, security is essential. Network security helps to protect your files from unauthorized access, ensuring that only approved individuals can view or modify your data. Additionally, network security can help prevent the spread of ransomware and other harmful cyber-attacks.

In order to keep your files safe, it’s important to use robust encryption protocols. These tools make it impossible for hackers or malicious software to intercept your data as it is transmitted over the network. Furthermore, they enable you to control which individuals have access to specific files and folders by assigning users privileges in accordance with each user’s role in the organization.

We use 256-bit SSL encryption to protect access, and our intrusion detection systems monitor the network continuously.

Physical security

Our data centres, all of which are located in the UK, have 24/7 CCTV coverage for security. Access to the data centres is limited to specific personnel, and they are additionally protected by fence perimeters.

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