Secure Document Sharing

Secure document sharing

Secure file sharing both inside and outside your organisation

Kahootz overcomes the limitations of email attachments by making it quick and easy to distribute large files and provide controlled access to staff, partners and suppliers – wherever they are.

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Share large files securely beyond your firewall

Supporting uploads of up to 20GB, you can browse for, or simply drag-and-drop, the documents and Zip files you wish to share. Upload once, irrespective of the number of potential recipients, and Kahootz will scan your files for viruses before they’re downloaded.

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Stream and share multi-media

Kahootz’s secure cloud file sharing does more than just distribute images and documents. Need to share a company presentation or a recording of a team meeting? Users can access and stream video (MP4) and sound (MP3) files direct from the browser, without having to first download the whole file.

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Notify and seek feedback from team members

Whether you’re uploading new documents or adding a new version, it’s easy to keep specific teams and individuals informed via email notifications and subscription alerts. Comments and discussions are kept together with each document to provide a record of contributions.

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Keep control of your documents, using secure cloud file storage

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It’s important to ensure everyone is using the most up-to-date documentation when working together. With automatic version control, file-locking and team-based edit and view rights, Kahootz helps document owners to audit and safeguard access to sensitive information.

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