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We keep your data (and business) secure

Kahootz has your security needs covered, whatever your business. We’re trusted by government and enterprises to securely store and manage their highly sensitive documents and information.

Trusted to keep data secure by:

Kahootz is a collaboration platform built for securely sharing OFFICIAL information.

Independently audited for peace of mind

To make sure our security policies and procedures are robust, Kahootz is certified to ISO 27001 – the international standard for security.

The service is regularly tested by security experts to a standard known as CHECK.  This is one of the most rigorous tests available and can only be done by security experts who are approved by the CESG – the UK Government’s own security department.

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme to help protect organisations against cyber attacks. Our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation required a hands-on, independent, technical verification.

Technology is only as safe as the people maintaining it. That’s why all our staff are certified with a BS7858 standard background check.

Kahootz actively encourages vulnerability disclosure and reporting among security researchers and ethical hackers to maintain the highest standards of data protection.

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Trusted by government, accessible by everyone

Kahootz is used by government bodies such the UK’s Ministry of Defence and Department of Health and Social Care. But that doesn’t mean they’re the only people we work with – our service is available to any business, of any size and in any sector.

Secure and safe on all levels

Kahootz runs on the UK’s most trusted servers and we encrypt all data between our users and our servers using a secure HTTPS/SSL connection, giving you assured data security wherever you’re logging in from.

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GDPR Security on the Cloud

We’re 100% GDPR Compliant

Kahootz has been supplying cloud services to the UK public sector and private enterprises since 2002. We are absolutely committed to keeping your data secure, providing a well supported, highly-available service and of course complying with applicable legislation.

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Resilience and redundancy

Good security isn’t just about keeping your data safe – it’s about giving you peace of mind that your data is always available when you need it.  Kahootz is resilient against network, power, connectivity and hardware problems so it’s available round-the-clock.  Our service level agreement guarantees a minimum uptime 99.95%.

An altogether safer cloud collaboration service

Application security

Kahootz is safe against a range of attacks, including CSS, CSRF, SQL injection and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Password Security

Take your pick from min/max length, complexity rules, prevent re-use, forced change and even two-factor authentication.

Maintenance and upgrades

We maintain and upgrade Kahootz as part of our fully-managed service, and regularly release new features.

Independently audited

Kahootz is tested by specialists to the CHECK standard and certified to the internationally recognised ISO27001 standard.

Network security

All traffic is encrypted using strong cypher suites and TLS1.2.  The system is monitored to quickly shut down DDOS and application-level attacks

Physical and environmental

Our data centres all have 24/7 CCTV coverage. They’re also protected by fenced perimeters, and access is limited to specific personnel.


Our data is backed up in near real-time, and at regular intervals to physically separate servers.

Disaster recovery

Data is replicated in near real-time to separate servers and Kahootz has operational procedures to minimise any interruption.

Data Location

Kahootz is operated, developed and supported from the UK.


What Our Customers Say

"Our supply chain is extensive and Kahootz is helping us provide our engineering teams and suppliers with as much flexibility as possible when engaging with them.."

“We selected Kahootz Enterprise because it met our needs for an affordable, easy-to-use, agile collaboration platform, that could be adapted by our personnel and partners to meet different use cases..”

“The proof that Kahootz truly works has been our ability to empower so many members and staff across so many regions to setup and run their own powerful online communities.”

“Kahootz has also helped speed up decision making. The fact that we can just create a workspace quickly, add some users and know that it’s safe and secure has helped us immensely.”

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