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Secure cloud collaboration

Kahootz will transform the way you work with colleagues and other organisations.

One platform, all connected.

Using email and your own internal IT systems (such as Microsoft SharePoint) is fine when you want to collaborate within your organisation. But what happens when you need to work across organisations or departments with your suppliers, clients and partners? A digital collaboration tool.

Kahootz can bring everyone together in secure online workspaces, which can be configured for your specific business purpose.  With little IT training or consultancy required, your teams can quickly set up new workspaces and begin collaborating across organisations in minutes.

There’s no need to use multiple collaboration tools. Kahootz’s features include document management, surveys and databases so you can keep all of your data and insights in one place. To ensure your data is safe, Kahootz’s security credentials are independently audited to the high requirements of enterprises and government departments such as the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

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With file-based permissions, Kahootz makes it quick, simple and safe to share, version control and seek comments and approvals on any size document.

How to improve employee engagement

It’s easy to manage projects and programmes. You can assign and keep track of tasks, share diaries, maintain online risk registers and involve team members, wherever they’re working.

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Kahootz enables secure enterprise collaboration so you can improve information sharing, employee engagement and cross-organisational contributions with virtual workspaces for boardrooms, committees and workgroups.

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With Kahootz you can quickly create extranet workspaces and portals for your partners, clients and suppliers and collaborate securely outside your organisation.

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Working in consortiums or multi-disciplinary bid preparation teams is much easier with Kahootz, thanks to our secure, invite-only tender management and supplier deal rooms.

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You need to ensure your staff and stakeholders are on-board before making significant business changes. Kahootz will help you to crowd-source ideas, discuss issues and consult.

Collaborate anywhere, anytime, on any device

Attending meetings with stakeholders based across multiple geographies, time zones, and organisations can be costly and time-consuming.

As a digital collaboration tool, Kahootz enables secure online collaboration between your co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners, allowing them to collaborate without having to travel.

There’s no need for downloads either. Your Kahootz workspaces can be accessed from your PC, tablet or smartphone 24×7, whenever you’re connected to the internet.

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Using multiple tools? Why not use just one digital collaboration tool?

It’s difficult to work together when people are using multiple online collaboration tools and aren’t on the same page.

So whether you’re managing a project, client communications or connecting people across your organisation, Kahootz’s secure cloud collaboration platform software gives you one secure place to store and manage key information.

We bring together content, tasks, and communications so everyone can access the information they need to do their job and enable your organisation to work without boundaries.

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Work smarter and become more agile

Successful organisations like yours need to encourage mobility, flexible working, employee engagement, and social collaboration – all enabled by a digital workplace.

Kahootz can be at the heart of this by transforming your employees’ working experience. We provide the necessary cloud based collaboration tools to facilitate new and more agile ways of collaborating and help overcome the restrictions of the physical workplace.

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Quick to deploy. Easy to use. No upfront costs

When launching new software, costs can quickly add up when you need to employ consultants and organise countless training days just to learn the basics.

You can create and deploy a Kahootz cloud collaboration site in minutes without any special IT skills, consultancy or training. We even give you a free 30-day trial to help you get started.

Your license also includes unlimited support for all users, uptime guarantees, independent security audits, back-ups, and seamless product upgrades.

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Is Kahootz the right platform for you and your team members? Try-before-you-buy with a no obligation 30-day free trial.

Used by organisations worldwide as a secure collaboration platform:

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How do you want to collaborate?

We understand how important collaboration is to the successful running of your organisation. That’s why we make it easy for you to configure Kahootz workspaces to support a wide range of business uses. Here are just a few of them.

Use our pricing calculator to work out costings and plan for scaling up future projects.

We’re trusted by organisations to securely store and manage their sensitive documents.

You can start collaborating right away, but if you need help – you’re backed by great support.

Bring your people and work together in a fully customisable, online workspace. Start now!

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What Our Customers Say

"Our supply chain is extensive and Kahootz is helping us provide our engineering teams and suppliers with as much flexibility as possible when engaging with them.."

“We selected Kahootz Enterprise because it met our needs for an affordable, easy-to-use, agile collaboration platform, that could be adapted by our personnel and partners to meet different use cases..”

“The proof that Kahootz truly works has been our ability to empower so many members and staff across so many regions to setup and run their own powerful online communities.”

“Kahootz has also helped speed up decision making. The fact that we can just create a workspace quickly, add some users and know that it’s safe and secure has helped us immensely.”

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