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Document Collaboration

Cloud document collaboration made simple

Had enough of looking through long email chains, trying to collate comments on a document? Are you managing multiple versions with no idea which one is the most recent?

Kahootz makes it easy for you to simultaneously edit a document with external writers, subject matter experts and other key stakeholders in real time. 

What is document collaboration?

Document collaboration is a process of working together on a document. It involves multiple people reading and editing the same document at the same time. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the project and reduces the time spent on checking and double-checking edits.

Collaborating on a document is beneficial for a number of reasons. It speeds up the collaboration process and reduces communication overhead. It also reduces the risk of errors and reduces the time needed to check edits by multiple people. There are several different types of document collaboration that suit different types of projects.

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Work on the same document, at the same time

Need to develop large policy, specification or proposal documents together?

Kahootz’s cloud document collaboration tool overcomes the restrictions of file-level locking by allowing online document sharing and editing amongst multiple users and organisations – in real time!

Use Microsoft Office? Our in-built Microsoft Word importer means you simply upload your document and get started straight away.

Manage structured documents screenshot

Gather feedback, section-by-section

It’s much easier to review and consult on documents when you can collect and collate opinions on each chapter, paragraph or diagram.

Kahootz, when used as a document collaboration software, makes document collaboration and consultation with large numbers of users a breeze, thanks to its fully customisable comment forms and user-definable reporting.

At a click of a button, you can see all the comments from team members on a particular part of your document. You can analyse and organise them how you wish, thanks to another one of our document collaboration tools: our intuitive reporting tool.

Engage stakeholders in document consultations

Keep track of changes and contributions

When someone edits a document you want to track it, so you can see who has made the change and also provide feedback if necessary.

To make this simple and for complete transparency, Kahootz’s online document collaboration software maintains a full audit trail of all the changes made to each section.

Once you have this information, you can then generate baseline reports and highlight amendments within a specified date range.

So for example, if you happen to be out of the office for a week on holiday, you can create a quick report to see what has been changed in your absence. 

Kahootz change log screenshot

Publish to your chosen format, with your own custom branding

We make it easy for you to read your documents online. You can export your completed documents directly to Microsoft Word or publish to PDF applying your own company branding.

Interactive navigation and search make it simple to find what you need quickly without heaving to read the whole document.

Document formatting screenshot

Co-authoring documents using Microsoft Office 365

Alternatively to using the native document collaboration function built into Kahootz, you can use your Office 365 account to enable team members to join in on the co-authoring of Microsoft Office documents.

You can open, edit and comment on your documents at the same time as other users, see their edits as they are made, and know that all changes are saved automatically within your Kahootz online workspace. Since all your Microsoft Office 365 documents are centrally managed via Kahootz, the whole team is ensured to always be working on the latest version of a document, improving team collaboration overall.

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