Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration

Kahootz’s document collaboration software makes it easier for teams to simultaneously edit a document with other authors.

Work on the same document, at the same time

Need to develop large policy or specification documents? Kahootz Structured Documents overcome the restrictions of file-level locking by allowing multiple users to work together on a single document simultaneously. Our Microsoft Word importer will help you get started quickly, too.

Manage structured documents screenshot

Gather feedback, section-by-section

It’s much easier to review and consult on documents when you can collect and collate opinions on each chapter, paragraph or diagram. Kahootz makes document consultation with large numbers of users a breeze, thanks to customisable comment forms and user-definable reporting.

Engage stakeholders in document consultations

Keep track of changes and contributions

As your document evolves, with notes from each editor, Kahootz maintains a full audit trail of all the changes made to each and every document section. This is so you can easily generate baseline reports, highlighting amendments within a specified date range.

Kahootz change log screenshot

Publish to multiple formats

You’ll find it easy to read your Kahootz Structured Documents online. Interactive navigation and search make it simple to find what you need. You can even export your completed documents directly to Microsoft Word or publish to PDF using your own styles.

Document formatting screenshot
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