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Tender Management

Secure tender software for streamlining the procurement process

Manage your tenders in one secure cloud-based platform

You might use one or a combination of email, file sharing sites and survey tools to manage your tenders.

However, this can lead to important information being lost in the cracks and a big headache as you try and piece together conversations and documentation from multiple sources.

Kahootz’s tender management software can solve this, by allowing you to manage documentation and communications with multiple bidding teams in one secure online workspace.

Discover how organisations such as the Ministry of Justice and the NHS are using cloud collaboration to transform the procurement process.

All the tools you need to get started

Document management is an important part of the procurement process.

But why limit yourself to simple file sharing? Kahootz’s tender management system has the tools to engage your bidders at every stage of the process.

On top of uploading documents, you can also create surveys for RFIs, setup searchable databases of FAQs, assign tasks for critical deadlines and much more.

Controlled access at every level

One thing certain to ruin a competitive tender process is bidders seeing each others’ responses and communications.

Kahootz’s tender software mitigates this risk, by allowing you to create seperate, discreet online workspaces for each bidding team.

You can also take this further by applying access controls at folder, content and team level.

kahootz permissions

Keep everyone informed of changes and progress

Bidders not only expect to be told of any changes, they expect to be notified at the same time as other bidders.

To ensure open and fair dealing, Kahootz’s tender management software allows you to send notifications simultaneously to inform bidding teams or individuals when tenders are updated, whilst maintaining information confidentiality and security.

Share tender documents safely and securely

In today’s digital workplace, bidders expect their potential clients to offer a secure portal where confidential information can be shared.

Used (and assessed as secure) by the defence industry supply chain, you can be assured that it’s safe to be in Kahootz.

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