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Bid and Tender Management

Secure tender software for streamlining the procurement process

Work collaboratively with your bid teams and supply chain

It can be a struggle to work with your team on tender responses. Especially when people are based in different offices, geographies and time zones.

Kahootz’s tender management software can solve this, by bringing your legal, technical, operational, commercial and sales staff together in one secure online workspace.

It can be accessed from any PC, tablet or smartphone 24×7,  making it easy for everyone to work in unison, wherever they’re located.

Discover how organisations such as the Ministry of Justice and the NHS are using cloud collaboration to transform the procurement process

Need to start quickly? In Kahootz you can

With the time pressures involved in the tendering process, you’ll want to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Kahootz allows you to create new secure workspaces for bid response teams on both partner extranets and enterprise intranets in a matter of minutes.

You can then start sharing client tender documents with staff and affiliates to quickly seek their opinions and ideas.

See all your team tasks and tender submissions in one place

Missing a deadline could be catastrophic to your tender process.

With shared group calendars, task lists and scheduled reminders, our project management tools help keep you updated on the progress of deliverables and ensure critical submission deadlines are never overlooked.

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Co-author and collate response documentation

When multiple people work on a document, it’s often difficult to track what’s been changed and who has changed it.

Our tender process software contains a document collaboration facility, enabling multiple contributors to work on a response document together in real-time, section-by-section.

For complete transparency, Kahootz maintains a full audit trail of the changes made to each section.

Share tender documents safely and securely

In today’s digital workplace, clients expect their suppliers to offer a secure client portal where confidential information can be shared.

Used (and assessed as secure) by the defence industry supply chain, you can be assured that it’s safe to be in Kahootz with your clients.

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