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Partner Extranet

Partner Extranet

Make partnership collaboration efficient, safe and straightforward

Whether you need to collaborate with a distributor, service provider, franchisee, or other business partners, the Kahootz partner portal allows you to share important information in secure, easy-to-use workspaces. 

A partner portal provides partners with a customised, one-stop experience. It offers a safe and centralised space for you and your partners to access the necessary resources to work efficiently and effectively. 

Provide access to a single source of authoritative information

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From cooperation between sales and marketing teams to sharing and discussing technical information, partnership agreements, and financial forecasts, Kahootz’s secure online workspaces make it easy for you to provide a partner relationship management solution that allows secure access to expertise and support resources. 

Boost partner productivity and maximise efficiency 


Make partnership collaboration efficient, safe, and straightforward. Kahootz’s partner portal software solves the common problems faced during partner collaboration including:  

Communication barriers, a lack of transparency, and difficulties in sharing and managing information can hinder the success of partnerships.  

That’s where Kahootz comes in, providing secure, easy-to-use workspaces to boost partner engagement and efficiency.  

With Kahootz, businesses provide a single source of authoritative information to their channel partners, making sharing and discussing technical information, partnership agreements, and financial forecasts easier.  

This ensures everyone is on the same page, reducing communication barriers and increasing transparency. 

Customise your workspace and implement flexibility 


Kahootz’s partner portal flexibility allows you to mould your extranet software to the scope of your project or partner’s requirements. 

With a range of customisation options, including custom branding, workflows, and forms, you can tailor the software to fit your specific needs.  

The UK Ministry of Justice experienced the benefits of this flexibility and transparency when they used Kahootz to create a project extranet, bringing together 250 PMO team members, advisers, independent experts, and IT specialists from partner organisations in less than two weeks. 

Collaborate on tender responses with your supply chain

tender management software

Need to put together bids with your sub-contractors? Kahootz’s partner portal document management functionality ensures every document you or your partners share, modify or comment on is recorded in a complete audit trail. All information is stored centrally, so you have a permanent record of what has been said and agreed upon. 

Work globally with member firms and affiliates on your partner extranet

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Whether you’re collaborating on joint projects or sharing best practices and expertise, Kahootz enables networks of independent firms to work together seamlessly across time zones and geographies.  

Kahootz partner portal is designed to help businesses grow a custom partner ecosystem, scale partnerships, and build trust. By featuring online forms and secure file-sharing, we make centralised reporting and compliance audits painless. 

Centralised reporting allows you to keep track of partner activities, partner performance, and progress. This feature builds trust between the parties and helps identify areas that need improvement. 

Share commercial information in confidence

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The UK Ministry of Defence uses the Kahootz partner management software as a secure collaborative work environment for its supply chain and support network. So you can be rest assured our service security, availability and integrity have been independently examined and ratified. 

Partner portals provide a more secure means of collaborating with your supply chain and support network compared to traditional methods of partner relationship management. With an independently examined and ratified security, availability and integrity, you can be assured that your sensitive information is protected and safe from unauthorised access. 

What is a Partner Portal Software?

Partner Portal Software is a web-based platform that allows companies to collaborate with their partners, vendors, and distributors.  

It provides a secure and centralised platform where partners can access the necessary information, tools, and resources to enable them to work efficiently and effectively. 

The software enables companies to manage their partnerships effectively, automate processes, and streamline communication with their partners. 

What Are the 5 Benefits of Using a Partner Extranet for Collaboration?

Improved Collaboration: Partner Extranet provides partners with a centralised platform to access the necessary information and collaborate with the company. It improves communication, reduces errors and increases productivity. 

Increased Efficiency: Partner Extranet automates processes and eliminates the need for manual work, reducing the time taken to complete tasks. 

Enhanced Data Security: Partner Extranet protects sensitive information from unauthorised access, ensuring that confidential information is secure. 

Better Partner Engagement: Partner Extranet provides partners with access to tools and resources that enable them to work efficiently and effectively with the company. This increases partner engagement and loyalty. 

Improved Partner Management: Partner Extranet provides companies with the tools and resources needed to manage their partnerships effectively, enabling them to track partner performance, identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions. 

What is the Difference Between a Customer and a Partner Portal?

A customer portal allows customers to access information, track orders, and communicate with the company. It is designed for customers to manage their accounts and interact with the company.  

A partner portal is a platform designed for partners, vendors, and distributors to access the necessary information, tools, and resources to enable them to work efficiently and effectively with the company.  

It is designed to provide partners with access to the necessary resources to manage their partnership with the company effectively. 

Why Should You Choose Kahootz Partner Portal?

Kahootz’s partner portal is a more secure option than other collaboration platforms like Email and Microsoft Teams.  

Emails can be intercepted and not secure, while Microsoft Teams is more designed for internal collaboration rather than partner collaboration. 

Kahootz partner portal is independently accredited and has been examined and ratified to ensure your data is safe and secure.  

Trusted by the Ministry of Defence, the Kahootz partner portal enables you to focus on building long-term relationships and growing your business. 

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