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Altogether more powerful

Kahootz gives you all the features of an online workspace that you'll ever need, when you need them – fully integrated into one flexible and easy-to-use collaborative solution.

Everything you need to collaborate, consult and inform

Whatever you need to complete the task at hand, Kahootz is here to help. You can get started quickly and easily, and add new functionality to your collaborative workspace as your projects evolve and your interactions develop.

Using a number of innovative online workspace features, Kahootz also enables you to innovate new ways of working – from simple secure file sharing to agile project management. And from enterprise social collaboration to stakeholder consultation.

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Created in seconds, Kahootz workspaces allow you to safely collaborate, and share documents, information and team communications all in one place. All organised in a way that makes sense for your project or online community and involve who you want to.

  • Delegated authority for workspace creation and management
  • Controlled access to each discrete workspace
  • Team-based permissions for folders and items
  • User-definable layouts for each workspace
  • Powerful content search across workspaces
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Kahootz dashboards are an easy way to collate and get an overview of every happening in a workspace, folder or at a personal level. You can easily see recent activity too, so you never miss out, and can customise your dashboard to show what’s important to you.

  • Summaries of workspace tasks and upcoming events
  • Recently added content and user activity streams
  • Configurable content and page layouts
  • Track of personal tasks, documents reviews and private messages
  • Embed RSS news, video feeds and 3rd party applets
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Secure file sharing

Company firewalls and email attachment size restrictions make effective collaboration, especially with external organisations, harder. Kahootz is accredited for government use, making it quick and easy to share files safely, manage documentation and stream sound and video files.

  • Bulk upload and download
  • Document versioning and file locking
  • Document review and approval workflows
  • File level permissions and access control
  • Update alerts and content subscription
  • Full audit trails of document downloads
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Document collaboration

Need to co-author a large document or gather feedback on individual document sections? Originally created for policy development, our Structured Document feature is perfect for any task that requires simultaneous multi-user document editing and stakeholder consultation.

  • Simultaneous document co-authoring
  • Change histories of all document edits, by date range
  • Import and export from/to Microsoft Word
  • Capture feedback, document section-by-section
  • Content formatting and auto numbering
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Discussion forums and commenting

Effective team communication is the foundation of good collaboration. Kahootz ensures all your discussions and feedback on specific content are in one place. So your team members can share ideas and see how decisions were reached, and even reply to comments directly from email.

  • Commenting and discussion against all workspace items
  • Targeted customised notifications to relevant users
  • ‘Keep-me-informed’ personalised forum subscriptions
  • Social @mention involvement of specific users and team members
  • Quick polls for voting to seek consensus
  • Private messaging to your team and community members
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Shared calendars

Kahootz allows teams to work more productively between meetings, ensuring all team members are aware of important project milestones, meetings and upcoming events. Integrated telephone conferencing also helps to involve remote workers.

  • Schedule repeating events and reminder notifications
  • Personalise attendee invitation requests
  • Attach meeting notes and related workspace content
  • Assign tasks and record meeting actions
  • Overlay tasks to improve milestone transparency
  • Share and access Kahootz calendars within Microsoft Outlook
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Task management

When collaborating towards shared goals, you need to ensure everyone knows what they and others need to do, and by when. Kahootz makes it easy to create task lists and assign tasks against all content, improving transparency on what needs to be done.

  • Assignment of tasks to one-or-more users
  • Scheduled reminders and status notification alerts
  • Set task priority and optional repeat frequency
  • Attach documents and related workspace content
  • Task review by person, workspace, due date and status
  • Personalised My Tasks lists for each team member
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Databases and online forms

Lists of information often get locked away in Microsoft Excel files, making them difficult to update in a multi-user environment. Our database feature can be quickly customised for a variety of innovative uses, to help you capture, edit and report on structured data.

  • Customisable online data capture forms
  • Multiple data types and data validation
  • Evaluated columns and traffic light reporting
  • Multi-user editing and column based permissions
  • Data sorting and custom search forms
  • Report generation and bulk data import and export
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Online surveys are a great way to interview team members, seek ideas and consensus, collect evidence and even simplify performance reporting. Our real-time charts give you instant feedback of views, and out reporting tools enable you to delve much deeper.

  • Multiple question types including choice, rating, score and text
  • Conditional branching with logic-based routing wizard
  • Define open and auto close dates
  • Automatically generate response summary graphs
  • Customise, save and export graph and tabular reports
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Report writer

Effective reporting gives you greater understanding of your team activities and feedback. Our powerful reporting tool makes it simple for managers to analyse and report on activity, people, data stores, survey responses and any other data you hold.

  • Tabular reports with user-selected attributes and group by conditions
  • Graphical reports including bar, radar, line and scatter diagrams
  • Data sorting and conditional filtering
  • Output to PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, XML, PNG
  • Customise and save frequently used report templates
intranet content ideas

Web pages, Wikis and Blogs

As users of web sites, we are all aware the benefits of using rich HTML content of text, images and links to relevant information. Kahootz has a variety of tools to help you collectively develop and share knowledge, project updates, news and team meeting notes.  

  • Create and link together rich HTML content pages
  • Organise articles in topic categories you define
  • Publish blog article summaries to selective teams and individuals
  • Subscribe to be notified of updates and comments on articles
  • Display postings by calendar and month lists
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Complementing your existing IT

Kahootz is often used to connect people and teams from inside and outside an organisation. So, to ensure it’s as easy as possible for everyone to work with you, we’ve made sure that users don’t need to download and maintain any special software to use Kahootz.

  • Works with any modern browser
  • Accessible from any PC, Mac, mobile or tablet
  • Seamless integration with all popular email clients
  • Direct editing of files from Kahootz in desktop Microsoft Office
  • Sharing of Kahootz calendars within Microsoft Outlook
  • Inclusion of RSS news and video feeds
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