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Client portal

Secure client portal software for enhancing relationships

Kahootz’s customer portal software can help you work closer with your key client accounts through online communities of interest and secure project workspaces.

Learn how to create your own client portal in minutes with Kahootz.

Improve client retention and build brand loyalty

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Secure portals offer are a great way to involve your clients. However, if yours looks unprofessional, they’re unlikely to use it.

Branded with your corporate identity, a Kahootz collaboration site provides a professional, and effective way for you to safely manage customer communications and client engagements.

Provide access to company expertise and knowledge

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When your clients can’t access your experts and support resources, they feel frustrated, which can have a negative impact on your brand.

Kahootz’s online client portal bridges this gap by allowing you to host blogs, stream videos, and create discussion forums. This makes it easy for your staff to connect with customers, and share your key ideas, insights, and resources.

Seek feedback on product and service development

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The best way to improve your service or product is to get feedback from your clients. However, it’s difficult to know what improvements to prioritise.

Kahootz’s client communication portal takes the guesswork out of service transformation and product development priorities.

Our surveys, discussion forums and document consultations allow you to collect instant feedback from clients, giving you clear guidance on what should be included in your product roadmap. 

Work safely and securely with your clients

Keeping yours and your client’s data safe is critical for a productive working relationship.

Trusted by security-conscious government and enterprise users, Kahootz’s collaboration portal software stops your staff uploading sensitive information into uncontrolled file sharing services. 

Full audit trails and granular access controls ensure your documents are safe and enable you to keep track of document views, revisions and downloads.

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