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Secure Client Portal Solution for Enhancing Relationships

Kahootz's secure client portal solution enables seamless communication and sensitive data sharing, empowering project collaboration and foster meaningful relationships with your clients.

Improve Collaboration with Kahootz Client Portal

A client portal is a secure cloud-based solution, accessed through a website or app, that serves as a central hub for communication and collaboration between a company and its clients. It allows clients and team members to access shared data, exchange information, and collaborate on projects in a convenient and centralised manner.

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Enhancing Client Insight & Protecting Sensitive Data

Clients can have more transparency into what is happening with their content, while companies can keep control over sensitive data that is uploaded to these spaces.

Share files securely with your clients

Keeping your and your client’s data safe is critical for a productive working relationship. Trusted by security-conscious government and enterprise users, Kahootz’s secure client portal solution supports its users to build a client portal software that stops your staff from uploading sensitive information onto uncontrolled file sharing services.

The exchange of information and important documents becomes a seamless experience with collaboration features and security features that one may need, all in one. Additionally, full audit trails and granular access controls ensure your documents are safe and enable you to keep track of document views, revisions, downloads, and sharing files securely.

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Improve client retention and build brand loyalty

A secure client portal is a great way to engage your clients and customers. However, if it doesn’t have a professional appearance, they are unlikely to use it. With a branded interface that reflects your corporate identity, Kahootz offers an advanced customer portal solution that provides a secure and effective platform for managing customer communications and client engagements. It serves as a secure client portal software, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your interactions.

An altogether safer cloud collaboration service

Facilitate Online Document Management

Kahootz provides robust document management features that enable you to streamline your workflows and ensure everyone has access to the latest versions of documents. You can easily upload and share files with your clients, eliminating the need for traditional email attachments or third-party file sharing services. With granular access controls and audit trails, you have complete control over who can view, edit, and download documents, ensuring the privacy and security of your sensitive information.

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Provide Access To Company Expertise And Knowledge

When your clients or customers can’t access your experts and support resources, they feel frustrated, which can harm your brand.

Kahootz’ secure client portal bridges this gap by allowing you to host blogs, stream videos, and create discussion forums. This makes it easy for your staff to connect with customers, and share your key ideas, insights, and resources.

Improve Feedback Processes

The best way to improve your service or product is to get feedback from your clients. However, it’s difficult to know what improvements to prioritise.

Kahootz’s client portal for communication takes the guesswork out of service transformation and product development priorities. By leveraging the power of our client portal, you can establish a more professional and efficient feedback loop, enabling you to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional results that align with your client’s needs and expectations.

Our surveys, discussion forums and document consultations allow you to collect instant feedback from clients, giving you clear guidance on what should be included in your product roadmap as part of your project management.

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Client portals significantly improve collaboration between companies and their clients by allowing them to:

  • Enhance brand loyalty by improving client retention
  • Enable clients to tap into the organisation’s expertise and knowledge
  • Seek suggestions for the development of products and services
  • Safely distribute files to your clients in a secure manner
  • Enable easy uploading for seamless file sharing
  • Streamline document management and client portals with one integrated solution
  • Comply with all major regulatory requirements

Client portals streamline secure document management by enabling the safe distribution of files to clients, facilitating easy uploading, and seamless sharing, and ensuring compliance with major regulatory requirements, thus ensuring both efficiency and security in document handling.

By requiring clients to sign up with an email address and password, and securing the connection with SSL encryption, client portals ensure the secure exchange of sensitive information. This centralised platform improves transparency, streamlines workflows, and enhances the overall client experience by providing easy access to important project-related information and enabling efficient collaboration.


What Our Customers Say

"Our supply chain is extensive and Kahootz is helping us provide our engineering teams and suppliers with as much flexibility as possible when engaging with them.."

“We selected Kahootz Enterprise because it met our needs for an affordable, easy-to-use, agile collaboration platform, that could be adapted by our personnel and partners to meet different use cases..”

“The proof that Kahootz truly works has been our ability to empower so many members and staff across so many regions to setup and run their own powerful online communities.”

“Kahootz has also helped speed up decision making. The fact that we can just create a workspace quickly, add some users and know that it’s safe and secure has helped us immensely.”

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