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Extranet software for improving collaboration

Kahootz's extranet portal has the tools to transform the way you work and communicate with clients, partners and suppliers.

Struggling to collaborate externally? 

Traditional enterprise IT restricts access to external users. This leaves email as your primary way to communicate, which is both insecure and an easy way to lose track of important information.

Learn how to create your own client portal in minutes with Kahootz.

Kahootz’s secure extranet software makes external collaboration and work processes simple. Accessible anytime, anywhere, you can easily co-author documents, communicate and share files all in one secure online workspace.

Discover the 10 killer features every project extranet portal should have, just download our guide.

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By enabling you to securely share files of up to 20GB, Kahootz overcomes firewall restrictions and makes it quick and easy to safely exchange large amounts of data with external stakeholders and third parties.

But that’s not all. You can use the platform’s many extranet features to organise document management, stimulate discussions, consult on business changes and collaborate on documents with your key partners.

Kahootz’s access controls give you total freedom to decide what folders, content items and features your staff, partners and clients can see.

To ensure you have a complete picture of all activity in your extranet, Kahootz allows you to view all document downloads, changes to content, the last time each user logged on and much more.

Collaborate safely, business to business

It couldn’t be easier to team up with local and global business partners when you’re in Kahootz.

Our independently assessed cloud security and highly resilient extranet software ensures any confidential information you and your member firms share is safe, secure and always available.

Strengthen client relationships

In the age of social collaboration in a digital workplace, customers reasonably expect to be able to communicate and work online anytime, anywhere, with their account manager and project support teams.

Kahootz is packed full of collaborative features and extranet software solutions, which can be tailored to your corporate brand – so why not invite them to join you?

What our clients say

“Kahootz is a wonderful product for internal and external collaboration”

Eugene Statnikov
Knowledge Manager – The Society and College of Radiographers
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