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Infrastructure and Utilities

Kahootz makes it straightforward to improve project collaboration and stakeholder engagement on infrastructure projects of all sizes.

Secure, accessible and scalable cloud collaboration software for the infrastructure and utilities sector


Organisations that have all benefited from being in Kahootz:

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When it comes to major infrastructure projects, now more than ever, effective collaboration and consultation with your stakeholders is crucial to success. Good stakeholder engagement develops trust, understanding and positive relationships between project managers, contractors, partner agencies and affected parties. Coordinating efforts towards a successful project conclusion is best done through careful consideration of views and options and timely and efficient information sharing through an inclusive approach to stakeholder engagement.

Traditional engagement methods such as face-to-face meetings and paper surveys are difficult and expensive to implement, so to properly understand the needs, desires, and expectations of your internal and external stakeholders – who can often be spread across multiple geographical locations – an innovative and adaptive solution is required. When you’re in Kahootz, stakeholder engagement, collaboration and consultation is made secure, quick, and easy.

Secure. Accessible. Scalable.


Independently audited security, keeping data safe.


Access your projects from anywhere, in-office and onsite.

Tools and Features

Create online workspaces & make team working easy.

Transparent pricing

Pay-as-you-go and great value for money.

Your stakeholders can be in Kahootz in a matter of minutes. We offer a free, 30-day trial with no upfront commitment required- so your major infrastructure project can move ahead without delay as you begin to share information, seek feedback and assign tasks instantly.

Is Kahootz the right platform for you and your stakeholders? Try-before-you-buy with a no obligation 30-day free trial.

Your choice for working with project teams and key stakeholders in the cloud for the infrastructure and utilities industries

Everything you need, in one unified system

Kahootz brings you and your stakeholders together in one secure location, providing an array of tools that allow you to engage with, and inform, your key stakeholders and potential interested parties. Ensuring stakeholders understand just what needs to be done, when, and by whom, is essential to delivering a successful project on time and within budget.


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Delivering large-scale collaboration for large-scale infrastructure projects

Kahootz is built knowing that major projects can have major impacts on society, the economy, and the environment. When your project can affect the public in such a way, a successful resolution through effective communication is critical, between various departments and across many locations.

Project collaboration via Kahootz can ensure the right people inside and outside your organisation connect, communicate and deliver successful projects, faster.

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Create online surveys quickly to procure the information you need

One of the most effective ways to gain feedback from your stakeholders, at any level, is through online surveys that are targeted to capture the information you need. Surveys can be customised however you like with:

  • multiple-choice options
  • scored questions
  • open-ended questions

With included online database software that lets you gather and report on stakeholder feedback and issues, Kahootz empowers you to make well-informed decisions surrounding your major infrastructure project.

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Ensure your infrastructure stakeholders never miss a key decision

Your key stakeholders want to feel well informed and involved throughout every stage of your project. If your team members or key stakeholders miss important information, it can lead to confusion, delays, and spiralling costs – and leave stakeholders feeling neglected and out of the loop.

Our collaboration software comes with subscription alerts and instant email notifications, so your stakeholders feel valued with the most up to date information as soon as it becomes available.

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Government-trusted data room software

The security of your data and that of your stakeholders is especially important during major infrastructure and utilities projects. Being able to trust in the safety of your chosen servers, and controlling who can access what, is key.

Kahootz’ secure, government-trusted data rooms allow contractors, specialists, and legal counsels to exchange confidential information – safe in the knowledge their data is protected by the highest standards of encryption using secure connections.

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Join the major organisations that have benefitted from being in Kahootz

Kahootz has been deployed my many successful major infrastructure projects, proving to be a secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution to large-scale stakeholder collaboration. The HS2 Project has deployed Kahootz across 300 active users. Crossrail – one of Europe’s largest ever infrastructure projects and funded by £14.8billion across 40 construction sites – chose Kahootz to provide its extranet to more than 800 users. Highways England, Department for Transport, and the Infrastructure and Projects Authority have all benefitted from Kahootz’ ability to deliver effective stakeholder collaboration.

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“Our supply chain is extensive and Kahootz is helping us provide our engineering teams and suppliers with as much flexibility as possible when engaging with them.”

James Findlay, CIO – HS2

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