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Mobile working with Kahootz

We often get asked if there are mobile apps for accessing Kahootz, and the simple answer is no – there doesn’t need to be.

Kahootz enables mobile working on a wide variety of devices without the need for a special app.

So how do we do that?

1. Be size-aware

Kahootz uses a web technology called “responsive design”. Put simply, that means that what is on the screen can change and react to the physical size of the screen available. 

This approach supports the screen width of any current device, and is future proof against new devices too. It also helps on your desktop too, as we can adapt to the size of browser window you want. For example, if you want two browser windows side-side to do a comparison.

Mobile working with Kahootz

2. Be accessible

We have a long history of supporting web accessibility within Kahootz. That not only helps those who have assorted physical or sensory disabilities and difficulties, but also allows increased access via the many different types of mobile working technology.

For example, all of our forms allow you to click on the words associated with tick boxes or buttons, rather than just the small button itself. That’s really helpful on a touchscreen device, particularly one that’s small relative to your finger…

3. Be light

Mobile devices are often used on the go – that means they’re often limited to network internet speeds, rather than WiFi or broadband.

To combat this, we’ve carefully designed the web pages and associated resources in Kahootz to be as small and quick to download over such networks as possible – in fact our pages are smaller than most competitors by a considerable margin. This helps you to get the information that you need on your mobile quickly and cost-effectively.

4. Be secure

Security of your data and information is taken very seriously at Kahootz. One of the potential downsides of mobile apps is that if they synchronise information or documents onto the device, then that information can be lost if the device is lost or stolen.

It also may not be possible to put the level of security and encryption around that local store that we can put around the website, and it’s certainly not as possible to know if the device is being attacked.

By accessing the secure Kahootz website from the mobile device, and not storing anything on it (unless explicitly downloaded), we can keep your data secure.

It is also worth noting that Kahootz has been independently tested by UK Government Departments and has ISO 27001 security certification.

Kahootz has been independently tested by UK Government Departments and has ISO 27001 security certification

5. Be yours

Kahootz is highly customisable. Each workspace can have its own layout that makes its content really clear to the members, making them clear to use.

Each page can have customised instructions or information giving team members more information if needed.

By using the same website, all of that customisation comes through to the mobile device too, rather than being lost in a one-size-fits-all app. So it’s still YOUR workspace and YOUR data, even on YOUR mobile.

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