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Report Writer

Report writer software for drilling deep into your data

The data within your collaboration tool is a field of information waiting to be mined.

Kahootz’s report writer allows you to analyse, segment, filter and cluster contributions to gain real insight into the activity of your users.

See who’s using your tool

With all the time and resources you’ve invested in configuring your collaboration tool, you’ll want to ensure users are logging in and participating.

Kahootz’s report writer allows you to see how many active users there are on a daily and monthly basis so you can accurately judge your return on investment.

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Keep a close eye on content activity

At the heart of your collaboration tool is content. But as the use of your tool grows, it becomes harder to keep track of the increasing number of documents and other information being created.

In Kahootz, it’s possible to view the total number of content items in your online workspaces.

But that’s not all. You can also see how many times these have been viewed and downloaded, so you get a clear picture of what content is engaging your users and what isn’t.

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Discover trends buried in surveys

Surveys are a great way to consult and gather feedback from your stakeholders about the issues that matter to them.

But if you’ve got thousands of results to sift through, it can be difficult to identify key trends.

Kahootz’s report writer software allows you to filter results at multiple levels so you don’t miss any important information.

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Slice, dice and report on your data

Structured data is so much easier to report, filter and search. Kahootz allows you to customise default views and present tailored search forms to your users.

Our powerful report writer will even help you graph, tabulate and export result sets to a variety of formats.

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