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Kahootz for Marketing and Media Agencies

Kahootz makes it easier than ever before for marketing and media agencies to communicate and engage with clients, manage projects and deadlines, expand the business, and boost profits.

Agile, adaptive, and practical collaboration software that keeps your clients committed and part of the creative process

In the competitive – sometimes ruthless – and ever-evolving world of marketing and media, client retention is vital to success. Clients regularly rate clear communications as one of the most important factors when committing to stay with their current marketing agencies.

Poor project management is also often cited as one of the costliest marketing errors, not just financially. Without proper direction across multiple remote workforces, your business can suffer from project delays, overruns in costing, dissatisfaction amongst your client base, and a damaging loss of company reputation. Connecting yourself with your clients digitally through Kahootz online collaboration can make all of this a thing of the past.

With Kahootz’ team workspaces, you can deploy adaptive tools and resources that keep clear avenues of communication open with your clients, allow for quick and easy sharing of documents and ideas, help manage your deadlines across multiple projects, and keep everything on track in one unified system. Combined with an agile marketing strategy, your projects can be completed sooner, with more transparency and extra creativity.

Agile. Adaptive. Practical.


Build strong and trusted client relationships.

Be Proactive

Stay ahead of the competition and captivate your clients.

Manage Projects

Never miss a deadline with shared calendars and task lists.

Scalable Licensing

Only pay for what you need, as your client base expands.

Client retention is critical in the marketing and media industry. When you build trust and loyalty with your clients, they are far more likely to have confidence in your services and use them time and again in the future. Offering cloud collaboration to new clients can make your marketing agency stand out amongst the competition, whilst existing relationships will benefit from a service seen to be keeping up with the very latest technologies and trends.

Kahootz can help you boost your marketing agency’s profits through client feedback and interaction that allows for a constant improvement of your services. Find out how agencies are using collaboration tools to achieve great results in our free guide 

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Your choice for empowering your client base to collaborate via the cloud

Tools that lead to creative client collaboration

The marketing and media industry has always relied on strong communication across remote workforces to be effective. Kahootz provides the tools that make collaboration easy and are accessible in one unified online workspace, from any web browser.

Clients are kept updated with:

  • Notifications for new document uploads and document changes
  • Sharing of content draft copies for review
  • Images and artwork for approval and comments
  • And more.

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Agile marketing that revolutionises the approval process

Mobile technology and social media have changed the marketing landscape forever, with posts and alerts reaching millions of consumers who are always switched on in minutes. Consumer demands and expectations can change rapidly. Agility is vital to stay competitive.

Kahootz online workspaces empower you and your clients to adopt an agile marketing strategy – making fast and flexible adjustments to your services to meet their needs. With quicker, more effective, more creative working, and fewer missed deadlines, you and your teams can benefit from more control and investment in your projects.

Online Workspaces

Keep your clients close, and away from your competitors

Client retention is one of the best ways you’ll know that your services are meeting your clients’ standards and going above and beyond the levels offered by your competitors. Regular, positive, and proactive interaction with your clients can be the difference between keeping them on board or losing their loyalty – and funds – to your rivals.

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Controlled access, with safe and secure document sharing

Security is paramount when it comes to cloud collaboration, and Kahootz and our operations are certified to the international ISO 27001 standard. All documents uploaded to a workspace are first scanned by Kahootz to ensure safe sharing. Kahootz can restrict access to certain areas and sensitive information to anyone except those you want to share it with, with comprehensive access controls that are as user-friendly as they are powerful.

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