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Shared calendars

Shared calendar software for those working anytime, anywhere

Kahootz’s calendar tool makes it easy for you and your external partners to see upcoming meetings, project milestones, and events.

Combined with our other features, you can manage all aspects of your project from one secure online workspace, rather than using multiple tools.

Ensure no-one misses a meeting or event

It’s easy to miss an event or meeting when reminders aren’t sent out.

Kahootz’s online calendar software solves this issue, by giving you the option to send reminder emails on your own preferred schedule.

Have recurring meetings or events? No problem. You can set the meeting to repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and choose which days they fall on.

Modify Event page on Kahootz

Get more out of your meetings

Successful meetings will create new tasks for your team to complete. These will need to be noted so they are followed up by the appropriate person.

Kahootz helps you to record key actions from a meeting in a number of ways. You can add text, images, and attachments and also assign tasks so they are sent reminders of what they need to do and by when.

add task to calendar

Keep remote workers in the loop

Making remote workers feel like part of your team is key to keeping them motivated.

Kahootz’s shared calendar software is accessible anytime, anywhere with an internet collection, so they will never miss important updates.

The in-built conference calling facility, allows you to keep in touch and create your very own virtual meeting room.

conference calling in Kahootz

View your calendars anytime, anywhere on any device

There is little point having a calendar tool that’s only accessible from a desktop computer. What happens if you’re out of the office?

In Kahootz, you can view and update your calendar on your mobile and tablet, allowing you to keep your diary up-to-date wherever you are.

Kahootz page on different devices
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