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Stakeholder Consultation

Crowd source ideas using stakeholder consultation

Kahootz provides the tools you need to collect and analyse the views of your stakeholders, whether you’re working on an agile project or a business transformation programme.

Survey the views of your team members

The Kahootz survey supports a variety of question types and logic-based routing, making it easy to create and conduct online surveys to gather the opinions of fellow workers and key stakeholders. Real-time summary graphs also give you instant feedback on their views.

Kahootz survey

Discuss issues and ideas in online forums

Topic-based discussion forums are a great way to share expertise and seek assistance from your peers. Forum subscriptions, social @mentions, quick polls and facilities to respond direct from email ensure team members get actively engaged with issues they have a specific interest in.

online forums

Engage stakeholders in document consultations

Need to collect and manage detailed feedback on a draft policy document, contract or product specification? Kahootz Structured Documents are an ideal way for people to comment and answer questions on specific chapters, paragraphs, statements or diagrams.

Engage stakeholders in document consultations

Build custom reports to gain greater insight

Kahootz includes a powerful report writer, allowing you to perform more detailed analysis and data segmentation of all feedback captured via online surveys and document consultations. You can also quickly generate tabular and graphical reports to help inform decision-making.

Data reporting screenshot
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