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Kahootz For Professional Services

As a professional service provider, it’s important that your busy partners and clients have access to collaboration software that lets them and you share information efficiently.

Secure, customisable, and user-friendly collaboration software – set up online partner portals and client portals to share documents across easily-personalised workspaces

Whatever your professional service, research has shown that clients and partners place a high value on being able to access online client portals and partner portals. Kahootz partner portal software offers straightforward document sharing and management via secure and customisable workspaces.

It’s important that any confidential, sensitive, or client data your company handles on a regular basis is shared in a secure way. Kahootz’s advanced and secure document sharing features mean you are in full control of who can see, add and edit content.

Working in a professional service can be fast-paced and demanding, with short deadlines that require speedy approval and quick feedback. Kahootz makes this easy, with a streamlined document commenting and approval process that lets users collaborate on documents uploaded to an online workspace, from any internet-connected device.

Secure. Customisable. Client-Friendly.

Share Documents Securely

Share sensitive, confidential, or client data securely.

Quick & simple to set up, use and deploy

Users can provided access to new online workspaces within minutes.

Full Microsoft Office 365 integration

Multi-user, real-time, co-authoring of documents.

No more confusing email conversation

Streamline your communications and provide one single-source of truth.

Kahootz portal dashboards are fully customisable to your, your partners, and your client’s needs – specific to each project and business use case. Your users benefit from a virtual workspace, with user-friendly layouts that can be used effectively and efficiently, without any formal training.

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Boost client engagement and collaboration with professional online client portals

Securely and quickly share multiple documents in one go

Kahootz empowers your clients and users with the ability to share large, multiple documents and media files securely. Files are automatically scanned for viruses, malware, or any other threats when they are uploaded.

Your partners and clients benefit from:

  • Large client file-sharing capabilities of up to 20GB in one transfer
  • Easy file selection- just drag and drop what needs to be shared
  • Share files with confidence beyond your firewall

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Say goodbye to emails with a streamlined communication process

Email can drain the productivity of your clients and partners by forcing them to unnecessarily waste time going through their inboxes, deleting unwanted messages, and searching for important attachments and files. In fact, there are many reasons file sharing software is better than email.

Kahootz transforms the way users collaborate by streamlining and centralising communication into one online workspace that can be secured with custom access permissions, before sending notifications to those with access. Your users will never miss that all-important update again.

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Integrated with Microsoft Office 365

Kahootz can be accessed through any web browser – anywhere, at any time. Full integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows users to quickly access the extensive authoring and editing tools that they will be familiar with.

Kahootz Office 365 integration offers:

  • Automatic document saving – users can quickly pick up where others left off
  • Easy co-authoring, commenting and reviewing – in real-time
  • No extra downloads or plugins, so users can benefit from being in Kahootz through their laptop, tablet, or even their smartphone

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Online surveys that capture the opinions, reactions, and responses you need

Encourage your partners and clients to be an actively engaged part of your professional service, by gathering opinions through Kahootz’ online forums and surveys.

Kahootz allows you to fully customise interactive surveys and opinion forums, so you’re always in touch with the needs of your clients and partners. They’re more likely to feel valued, important, and listened to, and your professional service can benefit through the implementation of new policies through democratic collaboration.

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“If it’s secure enough for the UK Ministry of Defence, Kahootz is probably secure enough for you. And on top of great security, Kahootz provides intuitive, powerful customer portal software that includes forums, document management, surveys, content creation, and much more.”

Zendesk, Review of Kahootz Client Portal Software

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