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Online survey software for learning more about your stakeholders

Kahootz’s business survey software provides a quick and easy way for you to gain feedback from your external partners.

Create a survey in minutes

Too often, online survey tools are complicated to use and take too long to set up.

In Kahootz, it’s made simple. You can even save time by copying questions, re-opening old surveys, or even duplicating them.

Also, once your survey is opened, you can send out notifications to encourage people to complete it.

create a survey

Capture the information you need

Surveys can be used for many different reasons, including employee engagement, supplier evaluations, customer feedback and much more.

But in order to get the right feedback from your participants, you must choose the most appropriate question type.

From rating scales and multiple choice to open-ended and scoring options, Kahootz gives you multiple options to choose from, so you get the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Kahootz survey

Collect anonymous feedback

A common reason why people don’t fill out surveys, is they’re worried about being reprimanded for telling the truth or privacy concerns.

Kahootz’s online survey software contains stringent access controls, allowing you to make surveys anonymous.

This gives your stakeholders the freedom to speak their mind and you the opportunity to get insights that might not have been possible before.

anonymous surveys

Dig down into your results

If you’re surveying hundreds or even thousands of people, sorting through the results can be a time-consuming experience. Because of this, it’s easy to miss an important insight or trend buried deep within your responses.

Kahootz’s powerful reporting tool makes it easy for you to breakdown complex results and display them in a variety of formats – ready to be used in meetings or presentations.

Data reporting screenshot
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