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Database software

Online database software that's easy to setup

Kahootz’s database management software makes it easy for your teams to gather, organise, share and analyse centralised data with users across multiple organisations.

Manage records, not files!

Important lists of information are often hidden away in Microsoft Excel files, making them difficult to access and maintain in a multi-user environment.

Our flexible online database software allows your team members and external partners to edit and report on structured data direct from their web browser, wherever they are based.

Database screenshot

Quick and easy to setup

You shouldn’t need developers to help you setup databases.

Kahootz’s data management software makes it easy for you to get started quickly with pre-built templates.

Or, you can create your own customised online data stores for a wide range of use cases including risks and issue registers, product suggestions, FAQs, inventories and much more with no IT training required.

online registers and lists

Keep your data safe

Do you want to share sensitive data with external partners, clients and suppliers? When collaborating externally, you need to ensure the platform has the appropriate security credentials to protect yours and their data.

Kahootz’s database software has this. Acredited by the UK’s Ministry of Defence and NHS for external collaboration, it can be trusted to keep yours and your stakeholders’ data safe.

On an individual level, you can also assign permissions to restrict who can add, edit and view records, ensuring content isn’t viewed by the wrong people.

Engage stakeholders in document consultations

Visualise your data

Structured data is so much easier to report, filter and search. Kahootz’s database management system allows you to customise default views and present tailored search forms to your users.

Our powerful report writer will even help you graph, tabulate and export result sets to a variety of formats.

Data reporting screenshot
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