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Supplier Data Rooms

Secure virtual data rooms for managing complex deals

Exchange confidential information with key personnel 

Kahootz’s secure data rooms enable your procurement teams to safely collaborate with contractors, specialists and legal counsel, wherever they are located.

Secure data room software trusted by government

The security of yours and key partners’ data is paramount when negotiating complex deals involving the sharing of sensitive information.

Independently audited and trusted by government departments such as the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Kahootz has all the security credentials required to store and manage your highly sensitive documents and information.


Have full visibility of document activity

It’s not enough to simply upload a document and hope someone has read or downloaded it. You need to know about every interaction.

Kahootz preserves accountability, by providing you with a full audit history of document submissions and downloads, so you can see for yourself what’s been happening.

To ensure open and fair dealing, it’s possible to setup simultaneous notifications and shared access to tender documents, submission timetables, announcements, searchable FAQ databases and much more.

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Controlled access at all levels

When working on confidential deals, the last thing you want to do is provide the wrong people access to key documents.

In Kahootz’s virtual data rooms, you can set access controls at workspace, folder, content and team level to prevent this.

kahootz permissions for tenders

Setup online deal rooms in a matter of minutes

With most deals being time sensitive, you don’t want a platform that’s going to take days or weeks to setup.

In Kahootz, using pre-defined workspace templates, you can create a secure data rooms for dialogue with a specific supplier or consortium in a matter of minutes.

Kahootz workspace templates
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