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Virtual Meeting Room

Virtual Meeting Room

Work better together at and between meetings

With instant access to conversations, papers and decisions Kahootz makes it easier to collaborate with board, committee and working party members – wherever they are.  

A time to meet and work smarter

Getting people together for meetings is expensive, and not always easy. Kahootz online workspaces provide you with virtual meeting rooms where members can easily join meetings, whether they’re at home or on the move.

If you’re introducing smart working, you’ll understand the need for people to come together in flexible meeting spaces and hubs. Not only does Kahootz provide you with this flexibility online, but it also enables you to involve an unlimited amount of people. So you can reach out beyond the ‘famous few’.

Productive meetings are short meetings, where decisions get made. Kahootz enables your team members to work on the detail between meetings and discuss options, co-author papers and deliver key actions. You can create additional project and team collaboration workspaces as needed.

Co-ordinate diaries and plan meetings

When you need to meet, Kahootz discussion forums can be used to agree agenda items and poll meeting dates. Team calendars enable you to schedule meetings, send out invites, reference relevant documentation and provide conference calling numbers and codes.

Share, review and approve papers

When your data is stored in Kahootz and in the cloud, your board papers and committee reports can be securely accessed from anywhere, anytime. Document management features include version control, co-authoring, review and approval workflows, and your comments and ideas are shared and retained.

Manage meeting actions, issues and commitments

Meetings complete only after all actions have been delegated. With Kahootz task lists, it’s easy to assign tasks with associated priorities and due dates to one or more members. Our customisable databases are also a great way to record, manage and report on issues and team SWOT sessions.

Seek and record the views of your membership

Kahootz helps you gather the views of your members through discussion forums, quick polls and online surveys. Forming an automatic archive of all historic papers and related team communications, Kahootz minimises the impact on continuity and productivity during turnovers in membership.

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