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Customising Your Kahootz Workspace Dashboard Just Got Easier

Kahootz is pleased to announce the launch of a new interactive dashboard builder that will allow you to quickly build dynamic, eye-catching pages within your online workspaces.

Following on from recent enhancements to the user interface, it’s now even easier for you to tailor a workspace, user or folder dashboard by dragging and dropping items into custom page layouts.

That’s not all. The introduction of extra dashboard items will offer you fresh and effective ways to engage users within your Kahootz workspaces.

Buttons and icons

buttons and icons

To make it simple to sign-post important material, so your team members can find the key information they need to do their job, dashboard buttons can be quickly placed linking, and directing users, to workspace content and helpful resources located on external web sites.  

To present additional visual guidance to your users, and make dashboard buttons more appealing, you can now also select and insert icons from an online library of symbols which will be expanded in the very near future.

For example, you could:

  • Select the ‘Chat’ icon and link to a best practice discussion forum
  • Select the ‘Pie Chart’ icon and link to a report about survey responses
  • Select the ‘Table list’ icon and link to a project risk register
  • Select the ‘Play’ icon and link to a page of How-To videos 

Carousels and accordions

Carousels and accordions

Using large blocks of text on your dashboard can drag the page down, be harder to read and looks unattractive.

Our new carousel and accordion dashboard items allow you to break up information into smaller, manageable segments that are easy on the eye.

Here are just some examples of how you could use them:

  • Introduce your workspace and explain its purpose.
  • Provide background information about your organisation or project
  • Share lists of useful links, separated by topic area
  • Publish a series of news articles
  • Add a selection of logos which can be scrolled through


Did you know, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text?

In Kahootz, you can upload images to your dashboard to grab the attention of users and make it easier for them to process complex information.

They can also be resized and formatted to complement and improve the aesthetics of your dashboard.

Multiple column layouts

Multiple column layouts

Previously Kahootz dashboards only offered 1, 2 or 3 column layouts.  

With our new dashboard builder, there are no such restrictions. You can now add many different patterns of column formatting when designing individual dashboard page layouts, making them both more functional and pleasing on the eye.

Options for Kahootz Enterprise

To ensure new dashboards fit seamlessly into your corporate or partnership branded Kahootz Enterprise collaboration site, you can elect to specify the pallet of colours that your users will have access to when inserting new dashboard items.

In addition, enterprise clients can enable their users to access and navigate corporate and project performance data by integrating business intelligence platforms such as Microsoft’s PowerBI and Tableau directly into their dashboards.

If you want to try out the dashboard editor for yourself, you can, by starting a free, no obligation 30-day trial of Kahootz.

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