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Create a project calendar in Kahootz

In this week’s blog post, you will learn how you can create a project calendar within Kahootz to help you and your team keep track of events, tasks and much more.

How are calendars used within Kahootz?

Calendars are widely used in our everyday lives – both inside and outside of work. It is always useful to be able to see at a glance what meetings you’re attending or tasks that need to be completed and by when.

However, Kahootz doesn’t just allow you to have your own personal calendar. You can also create shared calendars that can be seen and used by your whole team.

This is useful for keeping track of each person’s day-to-day schedule. For example, you can see whether they’re out of the office, what tasks they’re working on and whether they’re in a meeting or not.

Once you have created a calendar in Kahootz, you can use it for a number of different purposes:

  • Add a calendar to your dashboard to get an overview of your meetings and other important events.
  • Room booking system – Set up a calendar for each meeting room in your office and allow people to see when they’re free, so they can book them when needed.
  • Set up conference calls – Use our integrated conference call system to communicate with stakeholders inside and outside of the UK.
  • Arrange meetings – Set up your own one-off or recurring meeting and invite those who you want to attend. Automatic reminder emails will make sure they won’t forget!
  • Record actions from your meeting – Once your meeting has finished, you can record the actions that need to be completed by the attendees.

View all calendars in one place

Of course you can view these as individual calendars. But if you have lots of different ones to monitor, it might be difficult for you to keep track of what is going on.

But don’t worry! In Kahootz it is possible to overlay the events from all of your calendars, so you can view the entries in just one place.

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