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Rating Columns in Kahootz

Kahootz’s databases are a great way to manage your lists and registers.

But did you know, they can do much more? You can also use our databases to gather ideas and feedback from your team, partners and clients.

But how do you decide which ideas are most popular? Our rating column type allows them to rate each idea individually, so you get access to this vital information.

There are 3 types of ratings you can use:

  • Star rating – lets users rate an entry from 1 to 5 stars. 
  • Vote up / down – lets users vote an entry with +1 or -1. 
  • Like – lets users ‘like’ an entry.

When you view the database, you can see the overall score, or click through to see how each team member has responded.

Users can also add ratings from other database views, making it quick and easy to search a database and rate all its entries.

Of course, you can sort and search rating columns and even use them in reports to document the feedback.

At Kahootz, we use a database to store possible product enhancements, and have a star rating column to let team members rate each suggestion. We’ve also set up a calculated column to give each suggestion a score, based on the average rating and the development effort, which helps us to identify “quick wins.”

Are databases hard to setup and use?

The rating column type is not the only improvement that has been made to databases in Kahootz. Here are just some of the other changes:

  • When you create a new database, you can copy columns from an existing database (in any of your workspaces) to save you time.
  • For databases with calculated columns, all values are automatically recalculated when you modify a calculation. This makes it much easier to setup and test them.
  • The Card view has been redesigned to give a more modern look and feel, including a show/hide feature for long cards.
  • The advanced search is available as a popup form when viewing the database, making it even simpler to search and filter your database view.

Find out more about how to use our database function by reading our introduction to Kahootz databases blog post, or sign up for a FREE trial and try it out for yourself.

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