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Gain quick feedback from your stakeholders with Kahootz’s survey tool

Surveys provide a quick and easy way for you to gain feedback from your internal and stakeholders.

But what if they could go further than that? With Kahootz’s survey tool, you can!

This blog will detail how you can use it for a number of different purposes.

In Kahootz, it’s easy to set up a survey so you can start collecting feedback as quickly as possible.

Some of the key features that can help you to do this include:

  • Different question types– Choose whether your team members rate, score, select or free type their answers so you get the feedback that you need.
  • Survey routing – Control which questions each individual participant will be asked and then provide them with relevant follow-on questions based on their responses.
  • Automatic close dates – Choose a close date and then notify your users so they know when they need to respond by.
  • Analyse your data – View real-time summary reports using the powerful built-in report writer, or export your data into a number of different formats to identify trends and make informed decisions.

How might you use Kahootz survey tool?

survey tool

Typically, surveys are used as a data collection tool to gather and collate information from team members. In Kahootz, this is also the case. However, you can also use them for a number of other reasons:

Weekly/monthly performance reporting

Tracking the performance of your team members and being able to benchmark the results is key to ensuring that they’re working as productively as possible.

One way to do this is via self-assessment. Create a survey and ask them questions to help you decide whether they are meeting their goals or not. 

Alternatively, you could use one to ask them to rate the performance of staff and management.

For benchmarking activities and to save you having to create a new survey each time you need a report, Kahootz provides an option to allow participants to answer the same survey multiple times.

Also, to ensure that users don’t forget to complete it, you can create a repeating task to remind them on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Training tests or quizzes

Training your team can be costly, so you’ll want to know that you’re getting value for money from your investment.

By sending a follow-up survey to your staff and team, you can test the effectiveness of the training and determine whether or not it needs to be repeated or reviewed.

Suggestion box

There are always business and service improvements that can be made and who better to ask than your staff and key stakeholders?

By asking for their suggestions, they will feel engaged as it shows that you’re willing to listen to their ideas. If they’re worried about their suggestion being made public, you can alter the permissions, so they can do this anonymously. 

Once you have the results, you can then analyse them and then decide to make changes based on their feedback.

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