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Conquer your project tasks list with help from Kahootz

When starting a new project, you will no doubt have a long list of tasks to complete.

If you’re managing the project, you will also need to assign tasks to your team members and monitor how they’re progressing. If you’re managing multiple projects, this can become even trickier!

In this blog, we will explain how you can manage your project tasks list more effectively in Kahootz.

How are tasks used within Kahootz?

Tasks allow you to store and monitor what needs to be done within your workspace, whether that’s your own personal actions, or your team’s.

For basic tasks that can be ticked off individually, you can create a simple to-do list. To take this further, Kahootz also allows you to assign a task to an individual or set of people and confirm what should be prioritised and when it should be completed by.

A few examples of ways in which you can use tasks include:

When members are assigned a task they will receive an email stating this, as well as further automatic “due soon” and “overdue” messages to ensure they are staying on track.

Where can I view my tasks?

In order for you to keep track of what stage you are with your tasks, you can access them in the following places:

  • Workspace tasks – See all tasks within a certain workspace in one place.
  • My tasks – View all of the tasks that have been assigned to and created by you.
  • Calendars – In all calendars, tasks with due dates can be seen.
  • Your dashboard – By adding a dashboard item

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