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Why choose cloud computing for online collaboration?

Whether you’re considering an investment in an online collaboration tool or another type of software, it is clear that the cloud is the place where it should be hosted.

In fact,one survey by Right Scale found that 95% of respondents are now using cloud as their default hosting platform.

But why are an increasing number of organisations doing this? The infographic below by ShoreTel Sky gives 5 clear reasons that answer the question – why choose cloud computing.

As a supplier of collaboration software to a number of security conscious public sector clients such as the MOD and NHS England, we ensure that robust processes, precautions and security controls are in place so that they can have total confidence in our cloud collaboration service.

To find out more, read our guide about how Kahootz meets the 14 Cloud Security Principles as defined by the UK Government.

How Kahootz meets the 14 Cloud Security Principles: Download free guide

why choose cloud computing

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