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Building a business case for cloud collaboration

Based on McKinsey Global Institute research, our ROI Calculator will provide you with three years’ worth of figures, which along with our supporting white paper, can help you justify the cost of procuring a cloud collaboration platform such as Kahootz.

Our ROI calculator will outline the time saved (in days) on emails, information procurement and collaboration. It provides a visual view of improvements after properly implementing a cloud collaboration platform.

Most organisations start using cloud collaboration systems for basic file sharing. But as time goes on, they find the system needs to expand to support other functions such as project management, process workflow, knowledge management and collaborative working with business partners, suppliers and clients.

This leads to sustained user growth every year. Fortunately, cloud solutions can scale up to meet this increasing demand through their cost-effective, pay-as-you-go licensing models.


Informed by
McKinsey Global Research

Accompanying business
case document included

3 Year ROI

Our ROI calculator helps to build a base business case focusing on the generic benefits of cloud collaboration, for information workers in any enterprise. 

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