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Top Use Cases For Client Portal Software

client portal software

A client portal is a powerful web application that can assist businesses and organisations in lots of different ways. 

Client portals provide a secure virtual environment that allows your customers and clients to access and share important files, data, and information. 

A well-designed client portal, built to serve your clients, can deliver a customer experience that goes above and beyond their expectations. This can increase client retention, encourage repeat business transactions, and let your customers and clients feel valued, engaged, and empowered. 

While these are strong reasons to use client portals, different businesses and organisations will be looking for different types of client portal solutions. You may be wondering, ‘what can I use client portal software for that will improve my company specifically?’. 

This article answers your questions by guiding you through the top use cases for client portal software. Once you reach the end, you’ll hopefully feel inspired to apply one or more of these uses to your business or organisation too!


File Sharing and Document Collaboration

Whatever the size of the business or organisation, it’s common for a company to share large amounts of files and confidential documents with internal and external clients.

A client portal with internal and external file sharing capability can be valuable and convenient for your teams to get this done. Authorised Users will be able to upload files from multiple locations into a centralised and structured online folder system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 

Kahootz comes equipped with a comprehensive file-sharing system, enabling secure file sharing with clients both within your company and externally. Kahootz scans all files before they’re available for download for total security, so you know they should be free from viruses. 

Supporting file uploads of up to 20GB, Kahootz documents and zip files can be shared using the super-simple drag and drop system. MP4 video or MP3 audio files are fully compatible to be accessed and streamed directly from your web browser without having to spend time waiting for the entire file to download. 

Document collaboration is also made easy with Kahootz’ cloud document editing tool.

Multiple users can access and edit documents simultaneously and in real-time, so long as they are permitted to do so according to access controls set by yourself. Through notifications and subscription alerts, relevant teams and individuals are always kept fully up to date with the latest version of a document, with total contribution records accessible at any time. 


Social Collaboration

Your teams, clients, and customers, whatever their department, will likely interact with lots of different people, sometimes across multiple organisations. It’s important that these stakeholders have a way to interact and liaise effectively with relevant parties, both internally and externally. A client portal is a great way to do this.

The use of shared portals for social collaboration is increasing in a post-Covid19 world, where different geographies and time zones can separate stakeholders. With a single shared gateway to required data, documents, and information, a shared portal makes it possible for people to interact with your business and with each other – in real-time.


Task And Project Management

If your teams collaborate through project-based work and tasks, they’ll need a consistent supply of comments, feedback, and direction. This can involve stakeholders across multiple departments, geographical locations, companies, and even time differences. It can be difficult for everyone involved to keep track of everything!

A client portal can simplify task and project management, bringing everything together into one shared and secure portal. Apart from storing and sharing files, a client portal can provide the tools you need to track progress, whether it be one specific task in a project or the entire project development cycle.

Kahootz lets everybody see who is working on what, from anywhere and at any time. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a web browser since Kahootz is fully compatible with desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

With an array of tools that are easy to use and don’t require any formal training, Kahootz keeps projects organised and on track. Task lists let you create, manage, and assign tasks to specific users and allow you to monitor their progress afterwards. 

Chasing up late work can be time-consuming and overwhelming. If task deadlines are impending or overdue, Kahootz can send out automated ‘due soon’ and ‘overdue’ emails to relevant users, so they’ll always know what’s expected of them and when. 

Recurring tasks such as payroll and audits can be set up, and who views what is always in your control.


Virtual Data Rooms

A virtual data room, or VDR, is a secure online space for storing and distributing documents. Traditionally used solely for financial transactions, virtual data rooms are becoming more and more versatile, and their use cases are more widespread. 

Any business or organisation concerned with the secure and specialised management of its cloud storage can benefit from a virtual data room. 

Kahootz’s virtual data rooms enable your procurement personnel to safely collaborate with contractors, specialists, and legal counsel, from anywhere at any time. Data rooms can be set up in minutes using templates and an intuitive workspace building tool.

Access controls you choose at workspace, folder, and team levels ensure the wrong people will never be able to see documents they shouldn’t. With an entire audit history of any document that’s been submitted or downloaded, you can always see what’s been going on while you’re away.

Virtual data room security is paramount, so Kahootz’s government-trusted data rooms ensure maximum safety at every level. Independently audited to an international ISO27001 security standard, Kahootz is used by many government departments, including the UK Ministry of Defence, protecting your highly sensitive data using end-to-end encryption and encryption at rest.


Online Community

Creating an online community within your online customer portal efficiently promotes discussion and collaboration between your clients. 

When your stakeholders have a place to interact with each other, discuss related topics, and seek information they need to complete a project, they’ll feel engaged and empowered. As your online community flourishes, it can become a centralised knowledge base where clients can ask and answer each other’s questions and concerns. 

Kahootz’s discussion forum tools make it easy to create an online community that brings clients, customers, teams, and partners together. Like-minded stakeholders can discuss topical issues and share expertise and knowledge. External contributors can be added to forums by simply using the @mention function. 

With multi-media support, your forum topics can be posted to workspace dashboards, encouraging users to participate in the conversation through collaboration, discussion, or debate. Users can personalise their dashboard, too, so they’ll always stay up-to-date with the topics that matter to them most. Click here for more benefits of online forums.


These are just some use cases of client portal software, while many other uses are expanding all the time! If you’re ready to see how secure client portal software can benefit you, your stakeholders, and your business, reach out to Kahootz today for a 30-day FREE trial

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