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Public sector collaboration — everything you needed to know

Interested in online collaboration for the public sector? Be sure to bookmark this post for future reference

Over recent weeks, we made it our mission to share our experience and insight into online collaboration for the public sector.

Why? Because we’ve worked closely with the sector for over a decade and — in a period when you are expected to develop shared services and are under pressure to get ‘less for more’ — we want to show how online collaboration gives wings to modern public sector working.

We hope we’ve done that, but you’ve now got a large number of guides and blog posts to choose from. Some will be relevant to you now, while others may be useful to you in the future.

So to make sure you’ve always got this series of posts at your fingertips, we’ve put together a handy index of what we’ve written — along with short summaries of each item. We recommend you bookmark this page now so you can always find it easily.

1. Free guide: ‘How to collaborate online’

This free guide gives you a quick overview on how to collaborate online in the public sector and shows you how to:

  • tear down geographical barriers
  • cut time and travelling costs 
  • share information and work instantly with any person, team, department or organisation you choose 
  • achieve efficiency and consistency by ensuring all collaborators work on the same resources, kept in the same place.

Download the guide here >>

2. Free Blog & Guide: ‘Doing more with less’

This guide identifies 8 key issues you face as a public sector manager — and shows you how to address them.

Download the blog here >>
Download the guide here >>

The guide is accompanied by a series of blog posts that add fresh perspective to each of those eight issues. They are: 

  • Reducing the cost of procurement  – Ideas for using online collaboration to achieve economies of scale and cut your budget further.
  • Cutting staffing costs and increasing productivity – Advice on cutting employment costs and maximising staff productivity, particularly through flexible working practices and reducing ‘dead time’.
  • Delivering shared services  – Ways of breaking down the barriers to developing shared services with other public sector organisations, as well as ideas for fostering innovation.
  • Cutting IT and software costs – How cloud collaboration can reduce your overall ICT spend. 
  • Joining up government – Making inter-departmental and inter-organisational working simpler and more productive.
  • Delivering cost-effective consultation – Using online collaboration to consult internally and better design larger scale consultations.
  • Improving stakeholder engagement – Practical ideas for removing obstacles to meaningful engagement.
  • Public sector innovation – Many public sector organisations begin to use online collaboration for a specific purpose — but then develop many other innovative ways of applying it. This post will inspire you to think differently

3. Thought piece: ‘2 years on — where has the UK G-Cloud got us?

When the Government G-Cloud was first mooted in 2010, it promised a raft of benefits for both public sector organisations and software suppliers. Kahootz’s John Glover examines how well it has delivered. Read more >

4. Guide: ‘Choosing the right online collaboration tool for your public sector’

If you already know that your organisation needs online collaboration, but you’re unsure which software to choose, this guide is essential reading. It’s written with real knowledge of how the public sector works and shows you what functionality and features you need to look out for. Read this guide before you make any buying decisions — it could save you from making some very costly mistakes!

Download the guide here >>

5. Guide: ‘Transforming Stakeholder Engagement – Effective Digital Channels’

Read this guide to help you get your Stakeholder Engagement Project started. You will learn how organisations classify their stakeholders and how to choose the most effective digital tools to inform, consult, collaborate and keep stakeholders engaged.  Packed with practical examples, this guide is essential reading for anybody involved in managing stakeholders. 

Download the guide here >>

Individual advice for your organisation

If you have questions or queries about using online collaboration, or would like advice on the best software package for you, talk to one of our experts today. We’d be delighted to help you.

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