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How to ‘do more with less’ with public sector collaboration

A blog series for public sector managers

If you work in the public sector, you have an insider’s view of the pressure you’re under to make budgets stretch further.

Not only are you likely to have seen central Government funding slashed, but you will also be expected to achieve more stringent targets with less money.

Whether you support it or not, the Government’s argument is that efficiencies can be achieved through measures that include stricter cost control, staff reduction and new ways of working.

That leads organisations across the public sector, from local authorities and the police to central Government departments and commissions to ask the same question: “How can we do more with less?”

Cut costs, improve efficiencies and deliver innovation

Every public sector organisation is different, but over the decade that we’ve spent working with the sector, we’ve seen one approach that has helped to cut costs, improve efficiencies and deliver innovation.

That approach is online collaboration – and we believe it is one of the simplest, most economical ways any public sector organisation can start to do more with fewer resources.

That’s because public sector collaboration not only delivers immediate results and efficiencies, but also because it creates opportunity. When you use online collaboration software effectively, it gets ingrained in the way you work as an organisation and sparks innovation that would previously have been difficult – or even impossible.

Over this series of blog posts, we’re going to explore ways of solving eight key issues faced by public sector managers – and show you how to deliver significant results on smaller budgets.

The areas we’ll be exploring are:

1. Reducing the cost of procurement
2. Cutting staffing costs and increasing productivity
3. Developing shared services
4. Cutting IT and software costs
5. Partnership working and joined-up government
6. Designing effective public consultations
7. Improving stakeholder engagement
8. Public sector innovation

We’ll be starting with practical ideas that show you how to cut the costs of procurement and source the best value suppliers for your needs.

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