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New Kahootz Feature: Power up your Kahootz databases with Calculated Columns

In this blog we look at our new Calculated Columns feature. Calculated Columns are a powerful enhancement to the Database function that let you dynamically calculate data, instead of just recording it. (If you use spreadsheets you’ll understand straight away how useful this can be!)

What does it mean for users?

You can now set a text or number column in a Kahootz Database so that its value is calculated instead of directly entered. Values are calculated based on other values in the entry each time it is saved – for example adding up a set of other number columns, combining some text, or calculating a percentage. As the value is saved, you can search, sort and report on it, just like any other column. 

Your calculation can be a simple expression, such as adding or multiplying values together, or it can contain code and logic. There are over 30 different operators and functions covering maths on numbers (addition, subtraction etc.), text (converting to numbers, finding text, case conversion) and dates (date addition, days between etc.), that you can use in your calculation. You can even add If-Then-Else style logic to set up complex calculations such as a date-based status field. More details and a full list of the functions are available in our Knowledgebase article on Calculated Columns.


Here are just a few examples of how you can use Calculated Columns:

1. Multiplying two columns together to get the total cost of a project.


2. You can even use the result of one calculation in another calculation! Working out the difference between two dates gives you the number of days spent on a task, and then to categorise the speed in the second calculated column, you can use the If-Then-Else logic.


3. Showing one number column as a percentage of another number column (rounded to whole numbers).









Shaping Kahootz for what you need is all part of the fun. You make it fit for the way you work, not the other way around. With Calculated Columns you can show exactly the data you want in the format you want.

So, why not give Calculated Columns a try in your Kahootz workspace? If you don’t already use Kahootz you can set up a free trial.

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