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Increase team participation with Kahootz’s online discussion forums

Creating a thriving online community is a great way to engage your stakeholders and encourage discussion around a variety of topics.

In Kahootz it is possible to achieve this by creating online discussion forums.

What are advantages of using a Kahootz forum?

Kahootz’s online discussion forums provide the perfect platform for you to encourage conversations and debates between your users in a secure environment with various online forum benefits.

online discussion forums

Here are just some of the key features that can help make this easy for you:

Separate forums

Having only one forum that covers a number of different topics in your workspace could cause confusion for your users.

This is because it makes it difficult for them to find a relevant discussion and ultimately, can discourage them from contributing altogether.

In Kahootz, you can create as many forums as you need. Set up forums for different departments, (Marketing, Sales, HR etc) or topics (Christmas party, industry news, project updates etc,) and make it easy for stakeholders to find the information that they need to collaborate together.

Remember, if you only want certain individuals or teams to view a particular forum or discussion, you can change its permissions to choose who can view, modify and start new ones.

Sticky pins

If someone contributes an insightful point to your discussion, you don’t want it to get lost amongst the other comments.

That’s not an issue in Kahootz. You can simply pin the comment to the top of list to ensure that it gets maximum visibility.

@mention users 

Sometimes a different perspective can inject more enthusiasm into a discussion. 

One way to do this is to invite other users into the conversation. To do this, simply @mention them into your reply and they’ll be notified and subscribed to updates on that particular discussion thread.

Promote forum via your workspace dashboard

If you have created discussions within a forum but no-one knows that they’re there, how will anyone know that they can contribute to it?

The simplest way to do this is to promote it on your workspace dashboard by adding a ‘Recent Item.’ This means that each user that visits the workspace home will be able to see and contribute to the latest discussions.

Quick polls

There will be times when you will need to gather a consensus of opinion from your users. 

For example, you may have a discussion setup to report on the progress of your project. Then out of the blue, you’re asked by your manager for a quick update regarding its status. 

Rather than waiting for responses to your discussion or sending a mass email out to everyone, why not add a quick poll instead?

Decide on a question such as ‘Will the project be finished on time?’ and ask for a simple yes or no response. You can then choose the closing date to ensure that you receive all of the responses on time.

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