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Rich text editing in Kahootz

Rich text editing enhances how you communicate information by giving you the ability to alter text properties such as font, font-size, colour, bold and italics etc. It is also makes it possible to include pictures, links, graphics and other non-text components within a document. 

How does this benefit me?

The rich text functionality in Kahootz allows you to take collaboration with your team much further.

For example, when adding a comment, you can “@ mention” individuals and teams to make sure that the conversation doesn’t pass them by.

The editor also gives you the opportunity to offer rich narrative and guidance to your fellow team members by:

  • Linking to other items within a workspace – Highlight an item within your workspace, to give context to the point you are trying to make.
  • Including pictures, links, graphics etc – Rather than having to upload seperate files, you can insert images from picture albums or from external sources, making it easier for you to collaborate.
  • Customising pages – If you have the modify rights, you can customise any item’s page with a description; which is handy if you need to clarify its purpose to users.

Where can I find the rich text editor?

There are a number of different places where you can use Kahootz’s rich text editor:

  • Discussions – Start conversations and debates with your fellow team members.
  • Comments – Comment on any item within your workspace, which other members will see and can be notified about if required.
  • Blogs – Share news, views and opinions on project progress, industry news and much more!
  • Structured documents – Read, comment on and collaboratively edit large documents in one place.
  • Questionnaires – Gather opinions, capture data and create tests to gain valuable insights.
  • Dashboards – Add text and images to personalise your dashboard.
  • Web pages – Set up a ‘wiki’ to share snippets of useful information in your workspace, without people having to download the information into documents.
  • Calendars – View and manage shared events within your workspace
  • Picture albums – You can upload, arrange and share pictures and images, and view them in different styles and layouts

Find out how to use the rich text editor in Kahootz or check out the rest of our Knowledgebase for further ideas on the how Kahootz can help you with your next project.

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