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Society of Radiographers Case Study: Intranet Use

Founded in 1920, the Society of Radiographers (SoR) is the trade union and UK professional body for the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce. With their members, SoR shapes policy and standards, pioneer new ways of working, and ensures safe and fair workplaces.

SoR has been a customer of Kahootz since their first deployment in 2011. The main procurement of the Kahootz platform was to initiate and implement an intranet for their staff (and later for extranet use) – this platform had been named ‘Synapse’ and is used for various business uses across their membership association.

Jason Custance, IT manager, and Eugene Statnikov, Knowledge Manager at SoR, took us through how Synapse is being used among their teams and successfully made their internal communications more efficient.


Creating online workspaces for staff

Synapse is first and foremost being used among various teams and members of the Society of Radiographers for information such as organisational updates and staff policies. One way in which Jason and Eugene have supported this is with the use of various online workspaces and groups.

Society of Radiographers Intranet

Synapse is the first place for people to go to when searching for trusted information from our union because it’s easier to use and search workspaces compared to packed internal drives.” – Eugene Statnikov.


Kahootz for Project Management and Support 

Project management is another business use of Synapse using Kahootz. Specific projects require individual workspaces, which are custom-built for the project at hand. One such example is the new website that SoR has gone live with recently. Jason and Eugene built a workspace using Kahootz to manage the deployment of the new website while offering project support, including training materials for using the new CMS platform.


Kahootz as a Data Governance Tool 

Over and above, SoR uses the Kahootz platform as their primary governance tool for their boards. Since the SoR are a two-fold organisation, where one half is a professional trade union (the Society of Radiographers) and the other is a charity (the College of Radiographers), it is crucial to keep both trustees and council members informed on all that is happening in the union. The two boards require the utilisation of workspaces to be set up on Synapse to receive communication from the group’s secretary, where minutes from meetings are uploaded, and board meeting documents and upcoming meeting dates are shared.

Crucially, Synapse has been a wonderful tool for us during the pandemic because it’s enabled us to be able to receive board decisions electronically. Suppose there is a short-notice decision that we need from the boards to authorise an expenditure or approve dissemination of messages with members. In that case, we’ll put it up on Synapse, and we’ll get our council members or trustees to respond and provide feedback.” – Eugene Statnikov

Eugene continued to explain that to support the communication among their users and manage their boards, SoR also have an audit-trail history for governance purposes of how many of their members or trustees have responded: “It’s made it simple in terms of being the main place staff will go to for instance, for policy documents. For them, it’s made it easier to review and approve documents, specifically when those policies are being developed. It’s one of the tools that’s well used and well-liked.”

The survey and poll tools on Kahootz are two other features that SoR use for governance purposes. These features are available in Synapse and are being used regularly to simplify receiving communications and gathering information from many users. One of the society’s most recent polls was created to gather data on how many of its members wanted additional training in various areas of the industry. With the data analysed, SoR was able to create a training program to support its members.


SoR Intranet


As a trade union, SoR has key members who are involved in the decision-making of the organisation, such as in boards or advisory groups. Using polls has been an easy and efficient way for the union to be able to correspond with them. Particularly during the pandemic, the polls functionality has provided SoR with a seamless way of getting information out to their key stakeholders – specifically, the members of the Society of Radiographers.

SoR currently has over 1,000 users registered on Synapse and 500 monthly active users on their 100+ workspaces. Let Kahootz help transform document collaboration within your membership association and start a free, no-obligation 30-day trial today.

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