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Society of Radiographers Case Study: Extranet Use

The Society of Radiographers (SoR) have been using Kahootz as their primary platform for internal communications among their stakeholders and members for over a decade. Jason Custance, IT Manager at SoR, and Eugene Statnikov, SoR’s Knowledge Manager, take us through how they use their Synapse platform as an extranet to manage external relationships and communities.

Society of Radiographers Extranet


Kahootz for external organisations

The Society of Radiographers work with multiple organisations to develop policy documents and messaging. Creating custom-built workspaces for external partners such as the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) is essential for collaboration on the cloud for SoR. These workspaces have various tools available for users to share useful information and communicate in one secure space.


Kahootz for advisory groups

Apart from working with other organisations, SoR also has advisory groups that work with the Society and the Royal College of Radiographers, focused on predominantly developing guidance documents.

In pre-COVID times, advisory groups would have had workspaces that would help manage minutes of meetings and attendance of individuals, along with assisting with disseminating where users had to go to find and store information; in most cases, if individuals from the advisory groups were visiting London, they would use the space to store expense claims documents.

Nowadays, advisory groups have transitioned to primarily use Synapse as a document storage space and discussion area.


Kahootz for Special Interest Groups

The Society of Radiographers also has special interest groups (also known as “SIGs”) that work directly with them. They develop policies and work through discussions on specific special interests to them, independent of SoR.

“In this way, we set up workspaces on Synapse for SIGs for their own use independent of us, after an approvals process of a request. Once approved, these workspaces are used as a space to store documents and have discussions among themselves.” – Eugene Statnikov

SoR Extranet


One of the workspaces that has been created is the Radiation and Protection group, directly set up for SIGS to discuss topics surrounding Radiation Protection.


Kahootz features used by external partners 

While the leading business use for external partners of SoR is document storage, these users have also opted for collaborating on Synapse by using other features such as discussions on forums and leaving comments on uploads of documents. With a model that allows up to 750 active users a month, SoR is gradually growing their Synapse groups to manage and increase their number of users.

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