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Kahootz improves Workspace Management

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Recent product enhancements for workspace management make it even easier for Workspace Managers to govern, monitor, and support members of their online project teams, client portals, interest communities, bid teams, and supplier deal rooms.

The latest Kahootz workspace management developments include:

  • New functionality to review who can access content within a workspace
  • User interface improvements for managing team-based permissions
  • Enhanced tracking and reporting on membership visits and content views
  • Simplified methods for users to contact their Workspace Manager and Site Owner


Reviewing Permissions on Workspace Content

Some Workspace Managers need to carefully control who can access sensitive content whereas others want their content accessible to as many people as possible. Given the many collaborative use cases that Kahootz can support, one size does not fit all!

Within each collaborative online workspace, permissions control who can view and modify content.

Permissions on each item within a workspace limit who can see the item. The permissions on items might be:

  • Anyone, including people who are not registered on this site (only available via our Kahootz Enterprise license to assist the publication of non-sensitive workspace information into the public domain)
  • People who are registered users on this site, but not yet a member of a specific workspace (often used to promote select workspace content to encourage membership enrolment)
  • People who are members of the workspace in question
  • Managers of the workspace

Workspace Managers can also set up workspace teams and assign members to one-or-more teams. Teams give extra permissions to workspace members and allow those members to see more items. If an item’s ‘View’ permission is set to ‘Managers’ and a few teams, it can be seen by Workspace Managers and any members who are also in one of the specified teams.

To check that permissions have been set correctly across a workspace, Workspace Managers now have access to a ‘Review Permissions’ page. This page shows a Tree View and an individual Item List View of what Managers, Workspace Teams, Workspace Members, Site Users, and even unregistered public users can see. Workspace Managers can even check if a content item has a different setting from its parent folder to help highlight possibly incorrect permission settings.

This new workspace management functionality should make it a lot easier for Workspace Managers to quickly check precisely who can see what content. As an example, this visual check will be extremely beneficial when validating permission settings within secure online workspaces that have been set up for prospective supplier deal rooms and bid teams.


Managing Team-based Permissions

As mentioned above, you can optionally assign members to one or more Teams within each workspace to control access and creation rights further. For example, you might have Teams for Project Leads, Workstream Managers, External Reviewers, Bid Managers, Payroll Clerks, Clients, etc.

Following helpful feedback from some clients, we have revised the interface to make it easier to manage, view, and report on workspace members and their assignments to specific Teams.

Alternatively, Workspace Managers can also elect to assign team memberships to users as they are invited into each collaborative online workspace. This is often the best way to ensure new users have secure access to the widest possible amount of information for the roles they will be performing.


Tracking Membership visits and Content Views

Although powerful reporting tools have always been available, Workspace Managers now have access to specific workspace pages showing Member Visits by month, week, and day and Total Content Views by popularity. Content creators can also see how often their content has been viewed each month.

Understanding how active workspace members are, and how often each piece of content is viewed, can assist Workspace Managers in identifying where they can improve engagement levels through direct user assistance and improved content sign-posting.

One highly effective way to promote content would be to use the powerful Kahootz Workspace Dashboard builder which makes it easy for Workspace Managers to provide customised buttons and short-cuts to ensure under-performing content can be highlighted and then accessed with a single click.


Contacting your Workspace Manager or Site Owner

Lastly, we have improved the Private Messaging function within Kahootz and made it a lot simpler. Users can now contact the Workspace Manager directly from the Workspace menu and the Site Owner directly from the Account menu.

Rather than receiving Private Messages, Workspace Managers can optionally elect to have messages sent to a specific email address. This mechanism is beneficial when there is a need to delegate user queries to an internal support team member.  Similarly, a Kahootz site can also be configured to send Site Owner messages to Private Messages or a specific email address.

We hope you find the workspace management enhancements above helpful in your endeavours to manage the governance of your online workspaces. As always, we welcome ideas and suggestions from all users of Kahootz.

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