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The 4 key elements needed to engage your workforce with a collaboration tool

Once you have built your business case for your collaboration software, you then need to work out the best way to engage your workforce with the system.

To obtain the highest value from your collaboration system requires 4 key elements: Engagement, Collaboration, Education and Empowerment


There are 2 aspects of engagement which are relevant to collaboration systems:

• Employee engagement which collaboration systems can boost
• Engagement of the system by your users

Employee engagement

Research shows that teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive than those with low engagement.

A collaboration system can help drive employee engagement by enabling your users to work more efficiently and openly together, for example by breaking down silos allowing easier and more fluid interactions across enterprises and enhancing mutual assistance.

Engagement with the system

In order to release the full potential of your collaboration system, your users need to be able to engage easily with it and also have good reasons for doing so. Key drivers include:

• Providing an environment where users trust the system
• Ensuring that users understand what value the system can bring to them personally
• Providing solid support and education of processes and developing new ways of working
• Continual re-evaluation of what is working and what isn’t and then driving change to optimise efforts


To obtain the best results collaboration is dependent on the interplay of 3 elements working simultaneously together: Cooperation, Communication and Coordination.

Cooperation, Communication and Coordination

Cooperation: Between users
Communication: Compelling content
Coordination: Operational organisation

Key elements that help in any project are shown below:

key project elements

Education and empowerment

Understanding how the system works at an operational level is one element but building knowledge of how collaboration platforms can be used to empower your users and become part of re-envisioning workplace transformations and develop new ways of working (such as working in a flattened environment with less hierarchy, more transparency, easier mutual assistance, and open sharing of information) is a continual learning process.

Most vendors, such as Kahootz, offer a free trial of their collaboration system, which can help enterprises to evaluate a potential system.

Ensuring that the necessary resources, processes and ROI’s are put in place to make a transformation possible is crucial for keeping your users engaged, enthused and on side.

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