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An introduction to the Kahootz Bid and Proposal Management Template

Kahootz is pleased to introduce a solution template for Bid and Proposal Management. Developed in partnership with many of our defence sector clients, this template is now being used by bid teams to quickly deploy pre-configured workspaces for collaborative bid production in less than a minute.

The template will help your bid teams to interrogate and share bid requirements, collaborate on submission documents, key milestones, risk and issue registers and supply chain costings and requirements. Keeping your bid and proposal documents organised and coherent has never been easier.

The complex nature of tender responses often requires resources, contributions and expertise to be gathered from team members dispersed across various organisations and geographies. With internal IT systems rarely accessible to external parties due to security concerns, Kahootz online workspaces provide an up-to-date single source of truth that can be securely accessed, by all parties involved – anywhere, anytime.

Our bid and proposal management solution template provides a structured and more effective method for bid teams to share tender documentation, identify technical solutions, gather reference material, work out costings, address risks and manage team tasks and the timely production of bid submission documents.

Some of the main features of the Kahootz Bid and Proposal Management solution includes:

  • Secure file sharing – between team members and partner organisations
  • Custom workspace dashboards – used to highlight important information
  • Requirement capture and tracing – used to assess bid response against customer requirements
  • Document collaboration – supporting co-authoring and review processes
  • Discussion forums and online surveys – to gather comments and contributions
  • Task list management – timelining actions from meetings and key deliverables
  • Risk and Issue Logs – to manage, share and seek resolution to gaps and concerns
  • Shared diaries – schedule review meetings and communicate outcomes
  • Team-based permissions – restrict access rights and assign roles

With the versatile nature of the Kahootz platform, the functionalities and applications for bid and proposal management workflows are vast. To give you an introduction, we’ve highlighted below some of the main features of the Kahootz Bid and Proposal Management Template.

Quick Deployment and Workspace Setup

Using Kahootz as a bid and proposal management tool means you can create your own workspaces in minutes, without needing expensive consultants. The platform is created to allow you to combine a number of innovative features all included in the cost of your licence. We also provide you with the right tools and resources – in our online knowledgebase – to help you navigate the features of the software and discover new ways of working.

From the onboarding to the workspace setup, Kahootz aims to make the process quick and user friendly. The screenshot is of an example dashboard and displays what users would typically expect to see when they start using the platform using our free trial environment.

Bid and Proposal Documentation Collaboration 

As your documents are saved in a secure cloud network, team members can be empowered to work from home and across multiple geographies, whilst maintaining high levels of control and information security. Notifications and commenting features can be put in place within your document to allow visibility on all document activity and you can ensure deadlines are met by assigning tasks to team members. The platform allows you to work with multiple people, and partner organisations, and also assign particular tasks to specific stakeholders.

The screenshot above shows that specific channels can be set up for independent & peer reviews of Bid Documentation, keep track of current bid documents, and highlight the ones that are overdue.

Document version control and audit logs  

Working online has never been easier; Kahootz increases visibility of project progress and ensures team members are always working on the most up-to-date version of documents.

Accredited users can access version-controlled documents anytime, anywhere, in one secure platform.

Kahootz workspaces will help you improve engagement and transparency of important bid and proposal documents with your key stakeholders. The platform allows you to track progress of tasks against deliverables and keep everyone informed of project updates through instant email notifications. Should they need to understand who has changed or viewed a document, Kahootz allows managers and document owners to access full audit logs.

The above picture shows the Bid Risk Register. This is a register of all Bid risks identified, their assessment and mitigation. It is one of the key bid management tools and also provides an audit log that can be utilised when identifying lessons learnt and feedback post bid submission. You can use one of our risk register templates, or easily import your own from Excel or other sources.

Security and document access control

The bid and proposal management functionalities of Kahootz means bid managers can assume control of delegating user access to specific workspaces and allowing different levels of access for authorised users. Applying access controls at multiple levels helps maintain information integrity and lets you share confidential information with external organisations, contractors and support staff, without needing to provide access to your internal systems. With many organisations using multiple tools for their work processes, the main benefit of using Kahootz is the fact that you can all use common tools and store and share data from one secure location.

With cyber-security a concern, it’s also useful to know that Kahootz is only public cloud collaboration platform to be used and accredited by the UK Ministry of Defence to store and share information marked up to OFFICIAL-SENISITVE. It is a secure platform that is used by 1000s of users across MOD and the defence industry, helping to deliver many high-profile equipment programmes. Because of this unique position, Kahootz is able to offer a “drag and drop” approach to replicating the required security controls for the DART accreditation of our defence industry partners.

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