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Kahootz Collaborates with UK MOD and HackerOne to Launch Vulnerability Disclosure Reporting Programme

Kahootz, a trusted cloud software-as-a-service collaboration platform, is excited to announce the launch of its Vulnerability Disclosure Reporting Programme (VDP). This collaborative initiative, supported by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and HackerOne, underscores Kahootz’s commitment to enhancing its platform’s security and providing a robust environment for collaboration.

Kahootz’s decision to establish a VDP aligns with the UK Ministry of Defence’s proactive approach to cybersecurity. While various UK government departments, including the MOD, have implemented VDPs to address security concerns on their online services, Kahootz has taken a significant step forward by launching its VDP in collaboration with the MOD and HackerOne.

Peter Jackson, Chief Technology Officer at Kahootz, expressed the significance of this collaboration: “We are proud to work hand in hand with the UK Ministry of Defence and HackerOne to ensure the highest levels of security for our platform. Launching our Vulnerability Disclosure Reporting Programme demonstrates our unwavering dedication to creating a secure cloud collaboration space for our public sector and enterprise clients.”

The Vulnerability Disclosure Reporting Programme invites security researchers, ethical hackers, and users to play a vital role in enhancing Kahootz’s platform security. Participating in responsible vulnerability reporting contributes to improving Kahootz’s security measures.

For more information about Kahootz’s Vulnerability Disclosure Reporting Programme, please visit https://www.kahootz.com/vulnerability-disclosure-and-reporting/

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