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These intranet content ideas are guaranteed to engage your staff

Did you know poor communication reportedly costs UK businesses a staggering £2.7 billion a year? 

Many organisations rely excessively on email for communication. However, this approach often creates more problems than it solves. On the other hand, some use intranet software to overcome traditional barriers to communication and collaboration. Launching a new intranet is one thing, but it must contain content that engages your workforce. 

In this blog post, we’ve created a list of great intranet content ideas that will encourage your colleagues to return to your platform repeatedly. 

Welcome new employees 

A modern intranet solution’s digital workplace can be an excellent tool for introducing new team members to the company culture. An employee staff directory on the intranet software can help new hires become familiar with their colleagues and understand the structure of the organisation. 

The company intranet can also share company news, helping new employees feel connected and informed. This empowers new hires to familiarise themselves at their own pace.

Create a dynamic onboarding process

A well-rounded intranet platform can significantly enhance the onboarding process for new employees, fostering an environment of effective internal communications from the get-go. It aids in creating a dynamic onboarding process beyond the typical welcome email and HR forms. 

Intranet software can be programmed to provide a personalised experience for each new hire, supplying them with relevant information about their role, team, and company culture. This ensures that team member engagement strengthens and continues throughout the company. 

The intranet platform can also provide resources and training materials that new employees might need. This could be particularly beneficial for frontline workers who need quick access to specific information. 

Personalise mass messages 

Personalising mass messages is another excellent way to enhance employee engagement using your intranet platform. Rather than sending generic messages to all employees, the modern intranet allows for personalised communication that resonates with each individual. This personal touch can significantly improve internal communication within your digital workplace. 

This feature is especially useful for remote teams. It enables managers to send personalised messages to everyone, regardless of location. This can foster a sense of inclusion and unity among team members, further enhancing the company culture. 

Moreover, personalising mass messages can also be a powerful tool for acknowledging employee achievements. Recognising employees on the company intranet can boost morale and encourage others to strive for success. In this way, the intranet software contributes to building a positive and supportive work environment. 

Discussion forums

online forum in Kahootz

In the early days of the internet, forums were a place where people could discuss topics that interest them.

Although they have seen a relative decline in recent years, sites such as Reddit, (known as the front page of the internet,) continue to thrive. In fact, they’re one of the most visited websites in the world.

People visiting Reddit have lots of different interests. Therefore, their forums cover a wide range of topics.

And guess what? Your intranet can do this too. You can create forums for almost anything, from discussing developments in your industry or a specific project, through to where you’re going to go for your next Christmas party.

This form of social collaboration is crucial to keeping your staff engaged with your platform.


Don’t be fooled into thinking your intranet should just be filled with text.

Video is also crucial. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day, so this is clearly a good way to engage your staff on topics related to your organisation.

You could record a monthly video, talking about important business updates. Or interview staff members so people can learn about other areas of your business.

If you’re not keen to get in front of the camera, don’t worry. You could simply embed relevant videos straight from YouTube. Or cat videos if you fancy having a laugh!




Like forums, blogs are a great way to encourage discussion and innovation within your organisation.

However, organisations are still not taking this on board. They are struggling to find effective ways to give their employees a voice.

Blogging is a simple solution. You can empower your staff to share their views on a range of subjects and show their expertise.

Subjects can be organised into categories so people can easily view the content that interests them the most.

But the real benefits come from commenting. Opening blog posts to this, gives staff an opportunity to oppose or agree with the content. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy disagreement after all!

Sites such as NHS Digital’s Delen take this further by using Kahootz’s blogging function to create a mobile-friendly newsletter for their stakeholders.


You might think this is a strange choice. Filling in surveys is something that doesn’t always appeal to people.

Usually, you get asked to complete one after calling your energy or broadband provider. Does anyone have the time or inclination to do this?!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Surveys can be included as part of your thriving intranet.

All you have to do is consider these 5 motivational factors noted by Andrew Mayfield from Optimal Workshop:

  • “This looks interesting” – Pick a topic that directly affects your staff, (e.g. whether to offer staff discount at the local gym.)
  • “Show me the money” – Not highly recommended for long-term staff engagement, but if you want a quick win, you could offer vouchers as an incentive to fill it in.
  • “I’d like to help out” – Truly engaged employees will complete the survey out of the kindness of their heart. Yes, really!
  • “My opinion is important” – They want to feel like they’re making a real difference in your organisation.
  • “I’m bored anyway, let’s kill some time” – Hopefully this isn’t applicable to your organisation!

Making a success of surveys is simple. Make them relatable to issues that directly affect your staff and you’ll notice a higher level of participation.


As you probably already know, calendars are used to keep track of important events inside and outside of work.

You will no doubt have your own personal calendar. But this doesn’t give you any visibility of your colleagues.

Wouldn’t it be great to see what tasks they’re working on? Or whether they’re on annual leave or not? Knowing this will allow you to plan your working day more effectively.

Including a calendar in one central location as part of your intranet, makes it easier for you and your colleagues to access important dates anytime, anywhere.

But that’s not all. When used correctly, calendars can improve your productivity!

Having separate calendars for different business functions can also be useful. When you work for a large organisation, things can quickly get complicated and unmanageable. 

For example, you could have a calendar that manages room bookings in your organisation and a separate one for keeping track of company events.

Post job opportunities

Your employee intranet is a valuable resource for advertising internal job opportunities. Instead of relying solely on external job boards and recruitment agencies, you can use your intranet platform to reach out to current employees interested in new roles within the organisation. 

This fosters career development and progression and helps retain employees and promote them from within. Keeping it in-house through your modern intranet solution can streamline the process, saving time and resources. It also gives your employees the first-hand opportunity to apply for these roles, reinforcing a sense of value and appreciation.

Share employee ideas

A vibrant intranet platform provides an excellent space for employees to share their ideas and innovations. By including a dedicated area in your digital workplace for idea sharing, you’re fostering an environment that values creativity and initiative. This promotes a culture of innovation and aids in boosting employee engagement as individuals feel their contributions are valued and considered. 

An ideas forum or suggestion box on the employee intranet can encourage individuals to propose new ways of working, potential solutions to problems, or suggestions for new projects for consideration. This can also stimulate healthy discussions, fostering a collaborative spirit within your company. Feedback can be gathered, and valuable ideas can be implemented, improving processes, products, or services. 

In addition, recognising and celebrating the employees who provide these ideas can further boost morale and engagement. This reinforces a positive company culture where everyone’s voice and contributions matter.


In conclusion, a well-structured and content-rich intranet can significantly enhance employee engagement, foster a positive company culture, and streamline internal communication. From welcoming new employees, personalising mass messages, and encouraging discussion through forums to innovating with video content, blogs, and surveys, your intranet can transform your digital workplace into a collaboration and innovation hub. 

Remember, your intranet is not just a tool but a dynamic digital workplace that reflects your company’s culture and values. It is a space where ideas are shared, achievements are celebrated, and everyone has a voice. 

To learn more about how you can leverage the power of your intranet for document collaboration, check out this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can incorporating video content into your employee intranet boost engagement?

Incorporating video content into your employee intranet can significantly boost engagement by providing a more dynamic and interactive form of communication. Videos can present complex information in an easy-to-understand format, making employees more likely to engage with the content. 

They can also highlight company updates, team member achievements, or training materials, making the content more personal and relatable. Furthermore, videos can break up text-heavy content, making the intranet more visually appealing and engaging. Finally, with the rise of remote work, videos can help to replicate face-to-face interactions, fostering a sense of community and connection among employees.

What are some practical intranet ideas for improving internal communication within your organisation?

Here are some effective intranet ideas to improve internal communication within your organisation: 

  1. Discussion forums provide an open platform for employees to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss various topics. They promote transparency and foster a sense of community. 
  2. Blogs: Employees can write about their projects, share their expertise, and impart knowledge. Comments sections allow for feedback and conversation. 
  3. Personalised newsfeeds: This feature can keep employees updated on the latest company news, team updates, and industry relevant industry trends. 
  4. Social media integration: Connect your intranet with social media platforms to pull in posts and encourage engagement. 
  5. Surveys and polls: Collect employee input on various issues, which can improve decision-making and make employees feel more valued. 
  6. Instant messaging: An instant messaging feature can be more efficient than email for quick, real-time conversations. 
  7. Collaborative workspaces: These can be used for team projects with shared documents, tasks, and calendars. 
  8. Video conferencing: Incorporating video meetings directly into your intranet can streamline communication, especially for remote teams. 
  9. Recognition and rewards: Highlighting team member achievements can boost morale and encourage more communication and collaboration.

How can our employee intranet drive better engagement and collaboration within our organisation? 

Your employee intranet can drive better engagement and collaboration within your organisation in several ways: 

  1. Centralised Communication: The intranet is a centralised platform for company news, updates, and announcements. This enhances transparency and ensures everyone is on the same page. 
  2. Collaborative Workspaces: Intranet platforms often provide tools and features that foster collaboration, such as shared calendars, project management tools, and document collaboration features. This encourages teamwork and makes collaborative tasks more efficient. 
  3. Community Building: Features like forums and social feeds allow employees to interact, share ideas, and develop a sense of community. This can lead to improved engagement and a more robust company culture. 
  4. Recognition and Rewards: Publicly recognising team member achievements on the intranet can boost morale and motivation and promote a culture of appreciation and recognition. 
  5. Resource Sharing: The intranet can be a repository for valuable resources, such as training materials and HR documents. Easy access to these resources can help employees in their day-to-day tasks and professional development. 
  6. Feedback Channels: Surveys and feedback tools on the intranet can give employees a voice, making them feel heard and valued. This can lead to improved employee satisfaction and engagement. 
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