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How to securely share files with clients

File sharing is a key part of any client-facing business. Due to the digitalisation of many businesses processes, collaboration has become a reality for many workplaces and is a key way to communicate and keep clients updated.

The ability to securely sharing files is essential for building long-lasting client relationships, and in order for your and their data to be protected, it is crucial to invest in secure cloud-based software.

But there is so much more you can do to engage your clients than simply sharing documents. Read on to find out the common problems companies have with file sharing and how Kahootz can help your organisation to securely share files with your clients and increase collaboration with them.

Problems organisations have with file sharing


Sending and sharing documents via email can cause a lot of problems for your organisation and clients. For example, document attachments can get lost in email chains, time is wasted looking for the correct email, or you run the risk of not sending it to everyone who needs to be kept in the loop.

Also, as emails can’t accommodate large file sizes, many opt to use another platform. However, having more than one platform to share files creates a disjointed process and a loss of control over your data.

In the worst-case scenario, emails can be hacked, which could put your most sensitive data at risk. This should be addressed as it could cause irreversible damage to your client relationships.

Document versions

Digitally sharing documents and files is a necessary part of the project process. However, accidentally using the wrong version of the file or having trouble locating the correct version is a common problem with many consequences.

According to a 2012 study, 83% of employees say they waste time everyday tracking, sharing or finding the correct version of a file. Not only does this reduce productivity, but it is also a monetary loss for your organisation as time is lost looking for documents instead of working.

Also, sending the wrong version of a file to a client can lead to confusion, leaving a poor impression of your company.


Most file-sharing platforms are made with the goal for efficiency, not security. When you use one or multiple unsecured platforms to share confidential files, you run the risk of losing control over your data. You also open the data up to potential hackers and allow your organisations’ digital assets to be vulnerable to security attacks.

The solution

Version control

Kahootz helps you to audit and safeguard access to sensitive information between you and your clients by integrating features, such as, automatic version control, file-locking and team-based edit and view rights.

The software backs up the files in real-time and at regular intervals to physically separate servers. Also, multiple versions of the file are backed up simultaneously; making it extremely difficult to lose them.

Access control

Access control is important to ensure your clients don’t see information they shouldn’t. Whether you’re giving access to someone from your team or a client, it is important to only allow authorised individuals to access and edit the documents you send.

Kahootz gives you the ability to select specific individuals to view or edit a document. This setting can be customised for each document.

Not only will you be able to control access to the document, but you can also be notified every time a user opens the document and makes changes. This allows your workflow to stay transparent as there is a real-time log of access and modifications.

Audit logs

An audit log traces the history of the document from the early stages of conceptualisation, through to the revisions and finalised copy. Having this log makes it easier for you to see the changes made throughout the document’s lifecycle.

Kahootz not only keeps an audit log of modifications and changes made to the document, but it also keeps comments and discussions together with each file. This gives you a complete record of all contributions and saves you time having to look through multiple emails to gather the feedback.


Kahootz is independently audited and trusted by security-conscious UK government departments such as the Ministry of Defence and Department of Health and Social Care.

The software scans your files for viruses before they are downloaded to ensure your files stay protected at all times, and are safe to share with your clients. Also, your files are encrypted and all data between users and our servers use a secure HTTPS/SSL connection.  

Access is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, and our intrusion detection systems continuously monitor the network. Our software gives you assured data security wherever you or your clients are logging in from.

Beyond file sharing

Simple file sharing can only take you so far though. In order to build stronger working relationships with your clients, you need to use a variety of tools to keep them engaged.

Kahootz can help you do this, by combining multiple features in one secure platform. These include:

  • Surveys – Get client feedback on product enhancements or a customer event you recently hosted.
  • Discussion forums – Keep all of your client communications in one platform, rather than across multiple emails, phone calls and in-person meetings.
  • Databases – Allow your clients to vote on potential product enhancements.
  • Shared calendars – Give your clients full visibility of upcoming events or milestones, (a new product release for example.)

These are just some of the ways in which you can inform, consult and collaborate with your clients. However, because the platform can be easily customised with no consultancy or IT training required, you’re empowered to adapt the tools to best serve your customers.

How to create your own client portal

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