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How to manage your team with an online task manager

Efficient task management is one of the cornerstones of effective project management – for you and your team. We each have 86,400 seconds to use in a day and as Theophrastus was apparently fond of saying, “time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”. When the clock is ticking at work, we need to spend those valuable seconds wisely – not chasing overdue tasks, worrying about tasks we forgot to pass on to a team member and trying to fix tasks gone wrong.

Of course, task management is not the be-all and end-all of project management. A typical project will also likely require careful planning during the early stages, shrewd people management and the ability to deliver on time at key milestones. But when your project is up and running, effective task management is the thing that gives the project momentum and enables you to make measurable progress from day to day.

Collaborative task management software is increasingly essential for project managers – in both public and private sector positions – who must meet the challenges posed by complex deliverables, large and geographically dispersed teams, external stakeholder involvement and the growing popularity of flexible/remote working practices.

Flexible task management

At Kahootz, we know that every project has different goals and every project manager works to achieve them in their own way. That’s why we give project managers the ability to use an online task manager in the way that best suits them. The task management function of our collaboration tool can be set up to track an individual’s tasks or to support online task collaboration between multiple team members. If a task is assigned to multiple members, you can decide whether just one person or each assignee needs to complete the task before it can be signed off.

Tasks can be arranged as a simple list of ‘to-do’ items to tick off, or you can use the advanced features to assign tasks to groups, add due dates and so on. You can also set Permissions in order to specify who can view a task list and who is allowed to modify it. Keeping track of work is made simple by adding task lists to your workspace dashboard, which provides an instant view of progress each time you log in. You can also set recurring tasks to repeat, make certain tasks a priority when necessary and add attachments to items on your task list for context.

Using Kahootz as an online task manager is designed to be flexible – we believe in supporting your project, not telling you how to run it. However, we also believe that providing a huge number of functions off-the-shelf is only going to slow you down. That’s why Kahootz contains only the features you really need to get tasks done and projects delivered on time.

Examples of how public sector organisations have benefited from collaborative task management software can be found in our free guide How to collaborate online.

For more information from our support team on how to use tasks in Kahootz, visit the Kahootz Knowledgebase.

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