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Grow your marketing agency with online collaboration

As this series of blog posts for marketing agencies has progressed, we’ve explored a series of major benefits that online collaboration can bring you.

Chief among these have been: 

  • Retaining clients 
  • Improving client service
  • Improving the efficiency of your agency
  • Speeding up your project and billing cycle.

In this last post, we’ll be looking at three ways online collaboration help you do something equally valuable — grow your business.

1. Attract bigger clients

If you are targeting larger or more prestigious accounts, it’s wise to offer them online collaboration tools as part of your standard client service package.

Why? It’s because research has shown that 1 in 4 clients insist that agencies offer them an online collaboration system before they will consider placing their account.

That number is sure to grow as online collaboration becomes even more widespread, so be sure to offer it before your competitors do. Not having it could increasingly become a deal breaker — whereas introducing it to your current client relationships will allow you to build up a track record of using the system for success. 

2. Partnerships and mergers

You may want to grow your agency by working more closely in partnership with other companies, or you may even have plans for a merger with a complementary agency.

In either case, online collaboration tools are perfect for helping you and your teams work more closely together — particularly from different locations — while secure workspaces allow you to share sensitive information as part of any merger process. Essentially, you can create workspaces that function as secure deal room, using your software’s audit trail for full accountancy and transparency in your sensitive negotiations.

3. Tender management

Online collaboration workspaces simplify the tender process when you need to choose suppliers. Potential suppliers can submit their bids securely using a dedicated workspace, and all candidates can have access to the same information. You can also use the workspace to answer supplier queries for the benefit of all candidates, and if you need potential suppliers to fill in a questionnaire (such as a PQQ or Pre Qualification Questionnaire) they can do it within the software, which should be able to generate instant reports that let you see the results at a glance.

But… which collaboration software is best for me?

As we’ve shared these ideas for growing your marketing agency, you’ve probably had one question at the front of your mind — which online collaboration package is best?

The answer depends on how your agency works, but we’ve two simple steps that can help you decide.

  1. Download our short, simple guide Choosing the Right Online Collaboration Tool to make sure you match your choice of collaboration tool to your clients’ and your agency’s needs.
  2. Enjoy a free trial of Kahootz — it’s online collaboration software that helps marketing agencies deliver more for their clients on a daily basis. Simply log on to to claim a free trial that gives you full-featured access for up to 10 people, allowing you to put it through its paces in the real world.

And don’t forget, if you want the full picture on using online collaboration tools to give your business a series of competitive advantages, download How to turbocharge your marketing agency’s performance. We’re at the end of the phone if you have any questions.

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