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UK G-Cloud sales reports show year-on-year growth for Kahootz

With the approach of the 10th iteration of the UK G-Cloud procurement framework and with total sales about to exceed the £3bn mark we thought it was time to see how we are performing … relatively.  

Kahootz has always been an active supporter of the G-Cloud. We were one of the very first services to receive pan-government accreditation (PGA) for cloud security which enabled us to benefit as early adopters across the public-sector organisations looked to find new ways to work together, safely, in the cloud.

Since 2012, Kahootz has had G-Cloud sales growth year-on-year.  At the time of writing, we have 50 separate active G-Cloud clients, supporting a population of over 48,000 users.  These clients range from 10 to over 14,000 users, and almost all have grown during their contract term as they realise the benefits of cloud collaboration software and how easy it is to be in Kahootz.

Competition via the G-Cloud?


The G-Cloud has been a great market leveller for us as we can compete head-on with American IT giants such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Box. Many of our public-sector clients like the fact that they now have a “Buy British” choice, and they appreciate the intimacy and responsiveness that we, as a UK tech SME, can offer.

Closer to home, the latest G-Cloud sales report (up to 31st December 2017) shows that our G-Cloud sales revenue has now surpassed Huddle’s.  This market share is even more impressive when you consider that our user licenses are on average about 1/5th the cost of theirs and is in stark contrast to Huddle’s own sales comparison report from this time last year. We suppose this turnaround is in part due to their high contract churn during 2017 and lack of any reported G-Cloud sales in Q4 following an unfortunate security flaw reported by the BBC and general market uncertainty about Huddle’s future.

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Future sales growth?

There’s no doubt that the G-Cloud has opened up the public-sector market to Kahootz and made life more competitive for cloud vendors of all sizes.  Fortunately for us, the years ahead look very bright and we are confidently forecasting growth, especially across the NHS and the Defence sector, where Kahootz is currently “… the only system of this type to be accredited by Defence Assurance and Information Security.

We can’t of course rest on our laurels. We realise that G-Cloud 10 will allow new players to enter the market and enable existing suppliers to improve and refine their offerings. We welcome this additional competition as it keeps our team focussed on delivering the service that makes collaboration for our clients and their many stakeholders, easy, safe and productive.

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