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3 ways Kahootz provides the perfect platform for collaborative working

Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a desired goal.

But is it being practiced regularly within organisations? The statistics suggest not. In fact, 39% of employees say people in their organisation don’t collaborate enough.

What some people don’t realise, is that collaborative working can actually help people to be more productive.

In this blog post, we’re going to explain how Kahootz can provide the perfect platform for working in collaboration with other people.

how to collaborate effectively

Share information and good practice sharing

Working by yourself can be beneficial. You can concentrate on your work without distractions and progress at your own pace.

That’s all very well. But at some point, you will come across a question you cannot answer or see a better way in which you and your team can work together.

This is where sharing information becomes so important. With a Kahootz online workspace, you can build a wiki that documents project management best practices or create a discussion and invite your team members to provide updates on how they’re progressing with their individual tasks.

With all of this information in one place, you can save time by not having to search through endless trails of emails or the internet to find the answers that you’re looking for.

Edit one version of a document, rather than several


How often do you use email to ask for changes to a document? The McKinsey Global Institute found that an average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to email which we can all agree, is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

You would have to send numerous emails back and forth, with many different versions of documents attached, making it almost impossible for you to track who has made what changes.

With Kahootz, working on a document together is made simple. Instead of having multiple versions, you only have to upload one version for your team to edit in real time. By also ‘locking’ the document you can stop multiple users editing at the same time.

Once a change has been made, they can then request your feedback via a comment or by asking for your approval. Essentially you get a full overview of the edits being made to a document.

Work closer with remote based employees

When working on a project, you will more than likely be working with people who are based both inside and outside of your office. In fact, it is almost guaranteed, with 91% of firms in Britain having at least one employee working from home.

In the past, this made effective collaborative working a challenge. It would be difficult to involve them in a team discussion over email, with long chains tending to get lost in full inboxes. Phone calls aren’t much better, as after spending a long time talking, you would probably struggle to remember what you were talking about in the first place!

Kahootz makes it easy for your remote employees to collaborate. They can share ideas or ask questions via forums, ask for a review of a document they’re working on or set a task that needs to be urgently completed and much more – all in one place.

They can also do this whenever they need to, as Kahootz can be accessed anytime, anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and a browser.

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